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Facts about Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a regional transit agency authorized under Chapter 452 of the Texas Transportation Code and was created by voters and funded with a one-cent local sales tax on August 13, 1983. The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, and University Park.

Geographic Service Area13 cities, 700 square miles
FY14 operating budget$459.3 million
FY13 operating budget$449.6 million
FY13 actual operating expenses$442.8 million
FY13 sales tax revenue$455.7 million
FY14 budgeted positions3,694
FY13 revenue miles (fixed route)35.6 million
FY13 systemwide ridership (all modes)107.5 million passenger trips
FY13 systemwide ridership (fixed route)69.5 million
FY13 subsidy per passenger (all modes)$3.36
FY13 subsidy per passenger (fixed route)$4.67
Bus System
Total vehicle fleet612
Number of transit centers15
Number of bus stops12,500
FY13 bus ridership38.0 million passenger trips (includes charter)
FY13 Average weekday ridership128,511 passenger trips
FY13 Average Saturday ridership61,685 passenger trips
FY13 Average Sunday ridership36,885 passenger trips
FY13 subsidy per passenger$5.26
DART Rail (light rail)
Length of system85 miles
Number of stations 61
Total vehicle fleet163
FY13 ridership 29.5 million passenger trips*
FY13 Average weekday ridership96,272 passenger trips
FY13 Average Saturday ridership55,796 passenger trips
FY13 Average Sunday ridership36,267 passenger trips
FY13 subsidy per passenger$3.82
* Ridership for light rail is now derived from Automatic Passenger Counters which are more accurate than the previous manual counting method. The new equipment is more accurate and has produced data that is 15% higher than previously reported.
Trinity Railway Express (diesel commuter rail)
Length of line34 miles
Number of Stations10
Vehicle fleet9 locomotives,
17 bi-level coaches,
8 bi-level cab cars, 13 rail diesel cars
FY13 ridership2.1 million passenger trips
FY13 Average weekday ridership7,517 passenger trips
FY13 Average Saturday ridership3,216 passenger trips
Average Sunday ridershipTRE does not operate on Sunday
FY13 subsidy per passenger$5.94
General Mobility Programs (vanpool)
FY13 ridership0.9 million
FY13 number of vanpools181
FY13 subsidy per passenger$0.23
General Mobility Programs (HOV)
FY13 ridership36.3 million
FY13 subsidy per passenger$0.27
Paratransit (van service for disabled customers)
Certified participants (as of 9/30/12)11,550
FY13 ridership0.8 million
FY13 subsidy per passenger$35.00
Number of paratransit vehicles186

Revised 3/3/14

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