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DART – Let's Go.

DART Executive Staff Biographies

President/Executive Director

Gary C. Thomas

Deputy Executive Director

Jesse Oliver

— Vice President of Human Capital

Cheryl Orr

— Vice President of Government Relations

Michael Miles

— Vice President of Diversity/Innovative Services

Michael Muhammad

— Vice President of Policy and Strategy

David Schulze


Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Carol Wise

— Chief of DART Police

James D. Spiller

— Vice President of Rail

Michael Holbrook

— Vice President of Mobility Management Services

Doug Douglas

— Vice President of Bus Operations



Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

David Leininger

— Senior Vice President of Finance

Joseph G. Costello

— Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Nevin Grinnell

— Vice President of Procurement

John Adler

— Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Nicole Fontayne-Bárdowell


Executive Vice President of Growth and Regional Development

Timothy H. McKay, P.E.

— Vice President of Rail Planning

Stephen Salin

— Vice President of Planning and Development

Todd Plesko

— Vice President of Capital Design & Construction

John Rhone

— Vice President, Real Property and Transit Oriented Development

Robert W. Strauss

— Vice President of Commuter Rail/Railroad Management

Bonnie Murphy

Vice President - Chief Safety Officer

Garrome P. "Jerry" Franklin

Vice President, External Relations

Morgan Lyons

Director of the Office of Board Support

Nancy Johnson

Director of Internal Audit

Albert Bazis

General Counsel

Scott Carlson

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