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Downtown Dallas Transit Study

D2 News Return to Phase One (AA/DEIS 2007-2010)

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D2 News
Issue 1, Fall 2007

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ISSUE 1, FALL 2007

Downtown Dallas Transit Study

Dallas CBD Alternative Analysis/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (AA/DEIS)

New Downtown Transit Study DART has launched a comprehensive two-year Downtown Dallas Transit Study, known as the D2 Study, that will identify and evaluate a range of transit improvements in the CBD.

Read more about the New Downtown Transit Study.

Streetcar Alternative The streetcar mode is being evaluated as a means of addressing the circulation needs within and surrounding Downtown Dallas, as well as an alternative to a second CBD light rail alignment.

Read more about the Streetcar Alternative.

D2 Study Timeline

Speak Out - Advisory Committees Help Guide Study Team Public participation is important to developing sound recommendations and selecting transit alternatives that can be supported by the community. Four advisory committees are helping to ensure that the D2 Study Team has participation from important stakeholder groups and the ear of the community. In this newsletter, we recognize members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The Citizen Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and Policy Advisory Committee will be featured in subsequent editions of the D2 newsletter.

Read more about the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

Stakeholders and the Public Provide Early Input
D2 Meetings imageIn accordance with federal requirements, the D2 Study Team initiated scoping early in the decision-making process to inform agencies, stakeholders, and the public of the study and to encourage participation and communication of issues and concerns.

Members of interested groups, agencies, and the public participated in meetings in early May. Approximately 80 people attended three meetings and provided 60 comments. An additional 27 comments were received from interested stakeholders who reviewed information on the DART website and provided comment.

Public and agency comments fell into the following major categories.
  • Alignment suggestions
  • Station accessibility
  • Multi-modal alternatives
  • Overall capacity issues, including seating
  • Impact on businesses, private property and the community
  • Seamless transfers and accessibility to underserved areas
  • Connectivity
  • Making modern and historic streetcars work together
We would like to thank everyone who provided early input on issues and potential alternatives. Your comments have helped shape the direction of the study and helped ensure that issues and concerns important to the environmental review process were identified.

How to Stay Involved
One of our highest priorities is to keep the public informed and to continuously incorporate your feedback into the decisionmaking process. Tools identified in the D2 Public Involvement Plan that will help us achieve that goal are:
  • Presentations/updates upon request
  • Newsletters
  • Public meetings - late fall 2007
  • Advisory committees
  • Downtown kiosks
  • Website (
For more information on the study, to submit a comment or to be added to our contact database, go to If you would like to be involved on the D2 Citizen Advisory Committee, please call Carlos Huerta at 214-749-2721.

Other Downtown Activities - Rail Improvements in Downtown Dallas Affect Rail Service
Construction imageTwo DART construction activities will impact the Dallas Central Business District over the next couple months. The construction activities include retrofitting downtown stations to accommodate low-floor rail vehicles, and ongoing reconstruction of the junction at the east end of downtown to straighten curves and tie into the future Green Line. Alternate bus shuttle routes will be available during service disruptions. For more information, please visit DART's website at or call DART customer service at (214) 979-1111.

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