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Downtown Dallas Transit Study

D2 News Return to Phase One (AA/DEIS 2007-2010)

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D2 News
Issue 2, Spring 2008

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D2 Study Hits Major Milestone

Downtown Transit Alignments Considered for Detailed Evaluation

Four Candidate Alignments Make 1st Cut
After screening through 16 possible new transit alignments through Downtown Dallas, the D2 Study Team has identified four candidates for more detailed consideration.

Read more: Four Candidate Alignments Make 1st Cut.

Stakeholders Identify Potential Transit Alignments The D2 Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) assists the D2 Study Team by meeting at DART Headquarters for a workshop on potential options for a second downtown transit alignment.

Read more: Stakeholders Identify Potential Transit Alignments.

D2 Study Timeline

Advisory Committees Help Steer Study As part of its public involvement program for the D2 Study, the technical, stakeholder, community, and policy advisory committees have been providing the study team with valuable guidance throughout the process.

Read more: Advisory Committees Help Steer Study.

What is BRT? BRT means Bus Rapid Transit. BRT is being considered as an element of a bus alternative, which will be evaluated against a Light Rail Transit investment.

Read more: What is BRT?.

Streetcar image Streetcar Option Explored
The streetcar mode is being evaluated as a means of addressing the circulation needs within and surrounding Downtown Dallas, and to serve as a feeder and distributor of light rail trips within the downtown area. Stay tuned for more information on how various streetcar options evolve and become fully integrated with the D2 Transit Study. Technical activities are underway and workshops are planned in May to more fully develop the concept for downtown.

How to Stay Involved
For more information on the D2 Study, to submit a comment or to be added to our contact database, go to If you would like to be involved on the D2 Citizen Advisory Committee, please contact Carlos Huerta at 214-749-2721 or [email protected]

Other Downtown Activities - Downtown Rail Improvement Projects Continue
DART has completed work on two of four downtown stations being retrofitted as part of the Level Boarding Initiative. Construction at the St. Paul Station was completed with the station reopening in February. The Pearl Station was closed in early March and has been reopened. The next station to be impacted will be the Akard Station where construction began earlier this month with plans for station closure on May 30th. The station is scheduled to re-open around July 7th. The final downtown station to be affected will be the West End Station this summer. There will be alternate bus shuttle service for the Akard Station closure. For more information, please visit DART's website at or call DART Customer Service at (214) 979-1111.

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