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Downtown Dallas Transit Study

D2 News Return to Phase One (AA/DEIS 2007-2010)

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D2 News
Issue 3, Spring 2009

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Downtown Alternatives Brought to Public for Input

Image: D2 Spring 2009 CoverThe Remaining Light Rail Alternatives

    • B7 Lamar-Commerce
    • B4 Lamar-Young
    • B4a Lamar-Marilla
    • B4b Lamar-Convention Center

The DART Board of Directors will be making two decisions by this summer.
  1. The preferred second light rail transit (LRT) alignment for downtown Dallas to solve train capacity issues given DART's ongoing light rail system expansion and to provide an opportunity to open areas of downtown to new development.
  2. The preferred streetcar starter system that will enhance downtown circulation and mobility exclusively at street level and will also encourage development along its alignment.
Because the two passenger rail modes are interrelated and complementary, their evaluation and selection are being coordinated and conducted simultaneously. Light rail serves regional trips, destined to and through downtown. Streetcar can function as a distributor of these trips, shuttling them between the downtown light rail stations and their ultimate destination downtown.

Public input has influenced the narrowed list of alternatives undergoing detailed planning analysis and environmental study, and public involvement will continue to be important as analysis proceeds.

This newsletter provides an update to the public on the narrowed list of alignment alternatives, and identifies actions prior to the Board decision. It also communicates opportunities for public involvement and encourages stakeholders to continue to participate in the selection of final alternatives.

For additional information on the study and related issues, visit

Title: Narrowed Light Rail Alternatives Unveiled
D2 Project Manager Ernie Martinez is asking employees, transit users, downtown residents, and the public for input on four remaining alternatives for a potential new light rail alignment through downtown Dallas. Attendees at public meetings in December heard Martinez discuss the downtown transit study, answer questions about the remaining alternatives, and request comments and input. Martinez stated that public input and technical review have helped DART narrow options to the four remaining alternatives.

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Title: Streetcar Planning Nears Decision Point The streetcar planning element of the D2 Study began in February 2008. After evaluating as many as eleven conceptual alignments, the list of alignments has been reduced to two distinct alternatives. Within these two alternatives are variations and options.

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Title: Stakeholders Provide Input Members of four DART advisory committees are actively helping shape the course of transportation planning for downtown Dallas. Participants on the D2 policy, stakeholder, technical, and community advisory committees include City Council members, community stakeholders, adjacent property owners, staff from local governmental jurisdictions, transit riders, the general public and others.

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Title: Speak Out. What's Next? Over the next several months, the D2 Study has a full agenda aimed at evaluating final alternatives. Success depends on close coordination with the Federal Transit Administration, the City of Dallas, resource agencies and stakeholders.

Read more: What's Next?

How to Stay Involved
Image: Stakeholders at a meeting Public involvement and agency coordination is planned for the remainder of the study schedule. Stay involved by participating in meetings, communicating your views online or in writing, and/or by serving on the D2 Community Advisory Committee. In addition, the D2 Study Team will be meeting with stakeholder groups and scheduling outreach events in Downtown Dallas. Contact Carlos Huerta at 214-749-2721 to schedule a speaker for your group or organization or visit for postings of upcoming events.

Other DART Activities - Community Meetings: Fare and Service Changes
DART will be hosting eleven (11) community meetings to inform customers and the general public on proposed fare and service changes slated for implementation on September 14, 2009. For more information on these upcoming community meetings, please visit

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