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Downtown Dallas Transit Study

Downtown Dallas Transit StudyThe D2 Project is the future second DART Rail alignment through downtown Dallas. DART is anticipating selection of a preferred alignment in summer 2015 in order to advance the first phase of the project (see section on Project Phasing below). The D2 Project will increase system capacity, operational flexibility and serve new markets. Prior to DART Board approval of a preferred alternative, we are seeking input on the range of alternatives.

DART encourages you to view the information below and provide your feedback.
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    The range of alternatives under consideration is shown below:

    D2 Alternatives Map
    View a PDF version of this map

    Detailed Maps of Alternatives

    To see each D2 alternative in more detail click here. These maps show the alignment concept (where it is on surface, in a tunnel or on elevated structure), proposed station locations, and key issues or opportunities. Additional 3D images follow some of the alternative maps to illustrate what the project could look like when built.

    Project Phasing

    While D2 is a long-range project, DART is exploring the opportunity to phase the implementation of D2 as part of a Program of Interrelated Projects. The Program of Interrelated Projects is being advanced under the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grant program and consists of these three elements:
    • Phase 1 of the D2 Project
    • Platform modifications at 28 stations on the Red and Blue Lines to accommodate longer trains
    • Central Dallas Streetcar Link to connect the Dallas Streetcar to the McKinney Avenue Trolley via Main Street
    The first phase of D2 would provide some increased system capacity in the near-term, and would enable DART to achieve other objectives associated with serving new markets as well as a proposed high speed rail station in downtown Dallas.

    Project History and Background

    DART launched the D2 Study in 2007 to identify and evaluate a range of transit improvements in the Central Business District (CBD). The D2 Study is focused on identifying the second phase of major transit improvements in Downtown Dallas. The recommended improvements will ensure high quality transit service as the DART system expands to meet growing needs. In addition, it is about improving mobility and circulation to, through and within the CBD, serving local and regional mobility needs, and enhancing the ability for the DART system to grow and thrive.

    The D2 Study is being done in two phases. Phase One of the study concluded with the Alternatives Analysis/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (AA/DEIS) in May 2010. Phase Two of the study, which is currently underway, builds on the original effort in response to comments on the AA/DEIS as well as because of changed conditions in downtown. These changed conditions include the new Dallas Streetcar and planned extensions, the Downtown Dallas 360 Plan, and a proposed High Speed Rail (HSR) in downtown Dallas. These comments and issues led to new D2 Alternatives as well as refinements to those considered in the AA/DEIS.

    In February 2013, DART held public meetings to present the alternatives and refinements.

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