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Downtown Dallas Transit Study

Downtown Dallas Transit Study - Dallas CBD Alternatives Analysis/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (AA/DEIS) Return to Phase One (AA/DEIS 2007-2010)

Study Parameters

DART local share: Approximately $300 Million.
  • Maximize use of DART's right-of-way (ROW) through Victory Park

Pursue Federal Money: necessitates following Federal guidelines related to planning, project development, environmental assessments, which require:
  • developing cost-effective solutions and

  • maximizing travel time savings and ridership, while minimizing capital costs

Cost-Effective: - regardless of whether Federal funding is secured, develop cost-effective solutions.

Long-Term System Demand: accommodate long-term LRT service demand associated with increased ridership on existing and committed LRT lines and with the recent adoption by the DART Board of (3) additional Downtown-destined LRT lines, as part of DART's 2030 Transit System Plan

Operational Flexibility: allow for the ability to route all LRT lines through the existing Transit Mall or along the 2nd Alignment on a short-term basis in emergency situations.

System Connectivity/Transfers: accommodate transfers between D2 study-recommended alternatives and existing and planned modes, including: existing Transit Mall LRT lines, Downtown Transfer Centers, TRE service, bus service and a modern streetcar system.

Design Standards: meet or exceed design standards, such as: minimizing the number of tight radius curves and flat junctions, and observing system integration requirements for electrification, signals, and communications, all of which serve to minimize maintenance and operations costs

  • City of Dallas/DART Master ILA specifies developing a 2nd, subway alignment through Downtown.
  • City of Dallas' Comprehensive Plan, Forward Dallas, recommends including the assessment of modern streetcar technology as part of the D2 Study
  • City of Dallas' Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the CBD, completed in 2005, recommended a light rail "preferred corridor
  • etc.

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