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DART 2040 Transit System Plan

Since adoption of the 2030 Transit System Plan in 2006, the region has continued to experience rapid growth. As DART prepares to update the Transit System Plan to the year 2040, we have determined that a phased approach to the development of this plan would be beneficial for our current and future customers.

Phase one of the approach is underway and will focus on the bus network through a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) effort. The COA will include a detailed analysis of each DART bus route as well as shuttles, on-call service, and flex routes. Coupled with a market and travel pattern analysis and a comprehensive public outreach program, the effort will identify if there are opportunities to increase efficiencies, thus identifying potential cost savings that could allow for operating improvements that can benefit our customers and build ridership. Any opportunities to identify and implement efficiencies in our bus network will serve to compliment phase two of the Transit System Plan, which will evaluate longer-term projects and programs, as well as regional expansion opportunities.

DART is reviewing bus services to make DART work better for you, and we want you along for the ride. Meetings were held in January and February 2015.

Public Meetings Presentation

Phase One Moving You Forward 10 Year Service Plan

The recommendations from the COA effort will be documented in the Moving You Forward 10 Year Service Plan. This plan will guide potential service change opportunities through the year 2025. Any future service changes would be subject to the DART public hearing process and would require approval by the DART Board of Directors.

As we explore potential opportunities to improve our transit system, we have launched the website to engage the community in discussions about DART transit services. We encourage you to visit the site and join the conversation. Thank you for your participation!

Moving You Forward. DART 10 Year Service Plan.

The Moving You Forward 10 Year Service Plan is anticipated to be complete in summer 2015. At that time, DART will transition into exploring opportunities for capital projects and operating programs through the year 2040.

Phased Approach

2030 Transit System Plan and Ongoing Project Planning

On October 24, 2006, the DART Board of Directors unanimously approved the 2030 Transit System Plan. When the plan was adopted, it was envisioned that the recommended projects would be implemented by year 2030. Due to the economic downturn in 2007-2008, the majority of projects have been deferred to post-2030 due to funding constraints. These projects as well as potential new ideas will be evaluated in the 2040 Transit System Plan effort.

DART is continuing work on several projects identified in the Transit System Plan, including:
View the DART 2030 Transit System Plan
View the Final DART 2030 Transit System Plan (8.5MB PDF file)
View the 2030 Transit System Plan Map

If you would like more information or would like to be involved in the 2040 Transit System Plan effort, please feel free to contact us:

Rosa Cavazos Rosteet
Community Engagement Representative

Kay Shelton
Transit System Plan Project Manager

DART Contact Information
Telephone:    Community Affairs
Mailing Address:    Dallas Area Rapid Transit
P.O. Box 660163
Dallas, Texas 75266-7232

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