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Vanpool Information | Carpool/RideMatch Information

Great savings are right around the corner.
With DART Vanpool, you and up to 14 others can share the ride to work.
We'll even help match you up with other riders.
Available anywhere in Dallas, Ellis, Collin, Hunt,
Rockwall, Kaufman and Navarro counties.
For more information, call 214-747-RIDE
or visit

Note: Due to the high demand for vehicles and budgetary limits,
vehicles will be issued on a first come, first served basis.
Vanpool. Commute for a whole month for less than the price of a tank of gas.


With DART's vanpooling program, six to 15 people can share the ride to work for $450** a month, divided among all riders. DART supplies the van and insurance.

DART's Vanpool goes anywhere, anytime, so long as either the work or home destination is within Dallas, Ellis, Collin, Hunt, Rockwall, Kaufman or Navarro Counties and does not originate within Tarrant County or other counties that we consider to be served by the vanpool program of Trinity Metro (formerly the Fort Worth Transportation Authority).

Vanpools breeze past stop-and-go traffic on our growing network of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, while getting you to work on time, relaxed and ready to work.

Emergency Ride Home
This service is provided for vanpoolers who have personal or work-related emergencies. Riders are given a ride home via taxi or a rental car, available two times each quarter. The cost of the Emergency Ride Home co-pay is $10.

Sound too good to be true? It's not.
Just call DART's vanpool coordinator at 214-747-RIDE (7433)
or visit

Vanpool Program
Van and insurance included
Vanpool savings increase
with more riders

($450** per month,
15-passenger van, driver participates for free)
Number of
Participants (Includes Driver)
Monthly Program
Cost per
10 $50.00
11 $45.00
12 $40.91
13 $37.50
14 $34.62
15 $32.14
$450** per month, per van, flat rate
Six-person minimum for eight-passenger vans
10-person minimum for 15-passenger vans
Employer subsidy encouraged
Ideal for longer commutes
Includes Emergency Ride Home ($10)
Routine maintenance included

How The Program Works
Drivers and passengers recruited
DART issues agreement
Use this form to determine your monthly cost of driving.
1. Enter your daily roundtrip commute distance from home to work (in miles)
2. Enter the number of days worked each month
3. Enter the average miles per gallon for your vehicle
4. Enter the average price paid for a gallon of gas
5. Enter your monthly parking expenses
(Results will open in
a new browser window.)
Applicant driving record verified
Training is provided to drivers
Van is issued

Vanpooler Benefits
Ability to use HOV lanes
Discounted transportation
Reduces driving/parking costs
Reduces traffic hassles
Van available to driver seven days a week
Pre-tax (tax-free) employee benefit
Emergency Ride Home

Program Pricing
$450** per van per month
Driver participates for free

Enrolling in the Vanpool Program
Call DART at 214-747-RIDE (7433)
or visit
DART will assist with recruitment

8-passenger and 15-passenger DART Vanpool vehicles
8-passenger and 15-passenger DART Vanpool vehicles

** PLEASE NOTE: $450 for 15-passenger vans, $425 for eight-passenger vans
Price does not include the cost of gasoline. Vanpool participants are responsible for all fuel charges. Due to the high demand for vehicles and budgetary limits, vehicles will be issued on a first come, first served basis.


If not vanpooling, try carpooling.
Carpooling is another way you can avoid the aggravation of rush hour, while reducing traffic and pollution. And, as with vanpooling, it reduces the cost of parking.

For more information on carpooling,
visit to get started.

DART 10 Tips to Successful Carpooling
  1. Schedule a meeting. Meet your fellow carpoolers before the first trip to talk about insurance, communications and personal preferences.

  2. Determine your route and schedule. Establish the morning pickup point(s) and designate the place(s) to meet for the trip home.

  3. Establish policies. Smoking or nonsmoking; music and volume; eating or drinking. Your carpool will have a better chance for success if these issues are discussed in advance.

  4. Draw up a schedule for driving responsibilities. If all members of your carpool alternate driving, decide among yourselves if you want to alternate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  5. Establish a method of reimbursing driving expenses. If the members of your carpool do not share the driving equally, come to an understanding of how the costs will be shared and agree on payment dates.

  6. Be punctual. Decide how long the driver is expected to wait.

  7. Be courteous. Do not honk for your passengers.

  8. Establish a chain of communication. If a driver is ill, or will not be going to work one day, an alternate driver should be notified to ensure that other members of the carpool will have a ride. If a rider is ill or will not be working, the driver should be contacted.

  9. Do not feel you have to carry on a conversation with your fellow carpoolers. This is particularly true in the morning, when some people like a time of quiet.

  10. If you have a vacancy in your carpool, visit to find other potential riders.

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