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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New Service Delivery Model for Paratransit Services

Q. What is the new service delivery model?
A. Beginning October 1, 2012, the paratransit program will make available to its customers three different vehicle types, instead of just one.

Yellow Cab Taxi
Yellow Cab Taxi
Yellow Cab Taxi
Yellow Cab Taxi
Ford Starcraft
Ford Starcraft

Q. Why have several types of vehicles?
A. Several vehicle types will allow us to better match the requirements of each passenger, and we are better able to allocate resources and deliver timely service. This makes us more efficient and allows DART to serve the growing needs in our community.

Q. May I request a certain vehicle type?
A. Unfortunately no; however, an appropriate vehicle based on your mobility need(s) will be dispatched.

Q. How will I be able to identify the new vehicles being used in the program?
A. Each vehicle type will be clearly marked as a paratransit program vehicle with an official DART logo in addition, drivers will be trained and expected to aggressively look for, and search out, each customer.

Q. Will the new service model completely do away with vans?
A. No. There will still be fully accessible vans for all customers who need them.

Q. How will I schedule trips using the new model?
A. The same way you always have, by 214.515.7272.

Q. Will I be picked up by a taxi?
A. Possibly, if your mobility needs can be accommodated by a taxi and that is the most efficient way for us to serve you at that time.

Q. How can I be assured that the taxi drivers will be courteous, friendly, and operate safe vehicles?
A. All drivers will be trained to provide excellence in customer service, safety, and sensitivity. Taxi drivers who have joined the program will have completed the same rigorous ADA training as our dedicated paratransit drivers. We have quality monitoring systems in place so that feedback from riders and supervisors will allow us to retrain or remove taxi or dedicated paratransit drivers who do not provide excellent customer service.

Q. How will the service be monitored to assure quality, safety, and accountability?
A. We will continue to use the advanced fleet technology, road supervision, vehicle tracking and G.P.S. software that have already earned us our strong reputation for quality, safety and accountability.

Q. Is the one-way fare expected to increase with this new model?
A. No. Our current plan is to keep fares at existing rates.

Q. Is there an opportunity for me to learn more about the new service model?
A. Yes. DART is hosting Americans with Disabilities Act community meetings at various locations throughout the service area. At these meetings, you will learn all about the new service model, be able to view a prototype of the new vehicle(s) and be able to ask any other questions you may have. Note that meeting times and locations will be announced as details are finalized. Go to for updates or call us at 214.515.7272.

Q. Why is DART making this change?
A. DART is focused on making sure it can continue to provide high quality, reliable and safe transportation to everyone who depends on public transit. To that end, we are making adjustments now to prepare for increased demand within our growing community.

Q. How will this new model benefit me?
A. You can expect to experience higher quality and more personalized service. Ride times should be shorter, on-time performance higher, and overall customer satisfaction improved. We hope we can count on you for feedback so we know how we are doing. Just call us at 214-515-7272.

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