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DART Trip Planner Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why doesn't the system recognize my street name?

A: Street recognition problems are usually associated with how the request has been entered. It is best to omit directional prefixes (N, North, S, South, E, East, W, West) and/or street types (Dr, St, Ave, Blvd) and allow the system to try to find the best match.

For example:
300 North St. Paul Street - will not be recognized

300 St Paul - will be recognized and will return options for 300 N St Paul and 300 S St Paul

Requests that contain a street name only, rather than a specific street address or intersection, may fail to return a match.

Highway Naming Conventions:
Use the table below to determine the highway name that will be recognized by the trip planner. Depending on the highway, there may be more than one interstate number used in relation to a highway's name.

Highway Name Name To Use In Trip Planner
Airport Freeway (West SH 183) SH 183
George W. Bush Turnpike SH 190, SH 161
John W. Carpenter Freeway (East SH 183) SH 114, SH 183
Central Expressway US 75
C.F. Hawn Freeway US 175
Dallas North Tollway Dallas N Tollway
LBJ Freeway IH 635, IH 20
Marvin D. Love Freeway (North US 67) US 67
Julius Schepps Freeway IH 45
Stemmons Freeway (North IH 35) IH 35
R.L. Thornton Freeway (East IH 30, South IH 35) IH 30, IH 35
Walton Walker Boulevard Loop 12
S.M. Wright Freeway SH 310

In addition, there are highways (or parts of highways) that do not have names in addition to their numeric designations:
US 80, IH 20, IH 30, Spur 408, SH 160 (currently under construction)

Q: Why doesn't the system recognize my street address?

A: While our database is updated for roads that DART routes travel every time we change service, we realize that the DART Trip Planner may not recognize every street in the DART service area, particularly in areas of new residential and commercial development. If you are entering an address in a residential subdivision and it is not recognized, try entering an address on a nearby major thoroughfare, or an intersection of the major thoroughfare and a street that crosses it. Please send us feedback when the DART Trip Planner does not recognize an address.

Q: Why won't the DART Trip Planner provide more than one time option for the same trip?

A: The DART Trip Planner will attempt to find the three best route solutions based on the requested origin/destination/time. Users can generate alternate trip plans by modifying the requested trip time or origin/destination.

Q: Why can't I find my landmark?

A: The current list of landmarks is derived from a list used by DART Customer Information. The list should not be considered inclusive of every landmark in the DART service area. Please send us feedback on landmarks you would like to see included in the DART Trip Planner.

Q: Sometimes the trip doesn't get me there exactly at the time I want, or I do not receive a solution. Why?

A: The DART Trip Planner uses a set of assumptions programmed into the system and utilized in every trip plan request. Changes to the trip plan can be made by modifying the origin/destination or the requested arrival/departure time; however, the user may not modify the Trip Planner parameters.

DART Trip Planner Parameters
  • The maximum walking distance to your origin stop, to your final destination, or to transfer between routes may not be more than three-tenths (3/10) of one mile.
  • Total trip time (including time for transferring between routes) may not exceed three (3) hours.
  • The trip may not include more than two transfers. To allow a transfer to occur, there must be at least five (5) minutes, but not more than one (1) hour, between trips.

  • Trips that violate these parameters may still be possible.

    If, after reading this FAQ or the DART Trip Planner Help section, you still need assistance planning a trip on DART, please contact:
    DART Customer Information 214-979-1111
    Monday through Friday 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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