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Diversity & Inclusion Department

Diversity & Inclusion Department Phonebook

Name Title Phone Email
Kout Aun Program Manager IV 214-749-2599 [email protected]
Gabriel Beltran Interim Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion 214-749-3542 [email protected]
Jamesia Brown Sr. Civil Rights Specialist 214-749-3487 [email protected]
DeTorsha Brunson Equal Opportunity Specialist 214-749-3970 [email protected]
Christie Co Sr. Civil Rights Specialist 214-749-3255 [email protected]
Darrell Caldwell, Sr. Manager, Civil Rights 214-749-3507 [email protected]
Alexis Gunn Equal Opportunity Specialist 214-749-2804 [email protected]
Mercedes Highgate Executive Assistant 2 214-749-3508 [email protected]
Deborah McVean Equal Opportunity Specialist 214-749-2592 [email protected]
Esther Sandy Director, Outreach 214-749-3479 [email protected]

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