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Click here to learn more about the changes at Ledbetter Station
Learn more about the changes at Ledbetter Station

March 9, 2015

Buses will Replace Two Weekday Blue Line Trips From VA to Ledbetter, Effective Monday, March 16

Construction currently in progress at Ledbetter Station will require the partial substitution of buses for trains on two weekday trips, beginning Monday, March 16, 2015.

Trips leaving West End Station at 3:36 p.m. and 6:01 p.m. (scheduled to arrive at Ledbetter Station at 4:02 and 6:24 respectively), will terminate at VA Medical Center Station. Passengers will then board buses for the remainder of the ride to Ledbetter. Feeder buses that meet these two trips at Ledbetter will be asked to wait until the shuttles arrive.

The shuttle operation will remain in place while the west platform is replaced and resume later this year when work on the east platform begins. Repair of the station's mobility access ramp is also under way, with a shuttle bus provided to transport passengers between the parking and platform areas.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for riding DART.

Phase One of Ledbetter Station Redesign Project Restricting Parking Access, Effective March 2015

Ledbetter Station customers parking at the station are encouraged to exercise both caution and patience as major construction related to the Blue Line extension to UNT Dallas begins.

When parking at the station, please uses spaces on the south and middle portions due to the presence of construction equipment and contractor access to the station.

Phases of the approximately 19-month project will include raising and lengthening both platforms, repositioning of the mobility access ramp and Kiss & Ride area, plus enhanced lighting and landscaping.

DART will provide periodic updates on potential service impacts as the project continues.

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Image of a father and child at a rail station

Any time you undertake a construction project, the possibility for danger is elevated. DART is urging everyone to be extra careful around its facilities, vehicles and especially the construction areas. Here are 10 tips you should know.

  1. Stop, look and listen for DART vehicles.
  2. DART Safely logo
  3. Cross the street or track at designated crosswalks only.
  4. Never walk, ride or play in front of or behind a DART vehicle.
  5. Children should always exit the bus through the front door.
  6. Do not walk, ride or play in a construction area.
  7. Never walk, ride or play on or near railroad tracks.
  8. Always stand behind the textured warning strips on rail platforms.
  9. Be careful when driving or turning across train tracks.
  10. Never try to beat a train through a crossing.
  11. Remember: Safety begins with you. Talk to your family.

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