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January 10, 2014

Orange Line Updates:

Orange Line construction information


Segment update:
  • If you live or work on Lake Carolyn Parkway, please remember that the area next to the DART Rail tracks is not a sidewalk, walkway or path. Only cross the tracks in designated areas!

Segment update:
  • If you live near the betterment wall at North Lake College Station, please remember that the area next to the DART rail tracks is not a sidewalk, walkway, or path. Please do not ignore the chain linked fence. Only cross the tracks in designated areas!

Lane closures for the I-3 segment include:
  • Temporary lane closures on the northbound and southbound (inside lane) at Belt Line Bridge to ground OCS poles
    Dates and times: Monday, January 13 and Tuesday, January 14, 6 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Segment update:
  • At North Belt Line Road, crews will:
    - Install Guardrail
    - Balance Belt Line median
    - Form/Pour IIH driveway
    - Fence around IIH
    - IIH Drilled shafts and footing
    - Surface segment
    - (OCS): Ground OCS poles
    - Install telephone foundations, wayside telephones, & communication equipments
    - Track Signal Systems : install TWC loops, fence grounding, & O&M signs
  • In the Esters Blvd./Plaza Drive area, crews will:
    - Install ROW fencing
    - Cut ditches and finish slope
    - Remove OCS laydown/ topsoil
    - Install stand pipe
    - Grade and Pave FAA crossing
    - Surface segment
    - Install communication equipment & TPSS 8 communication equipment
    - (OCS): Ground OCS Poles
    - Term/Tag/Test cable TPSS 8
  • At North Airfield Drive, crews will:
    - Install ROW fencing & permanent signs
    - Install stand pipe, metal beam guard ,bridge clearance signs, identification signs
    - (OCS): ground OCS poles, install jumpers
    - Track Signals Systems: fence grounding foundations
  • At North Service Road, crews will:
    - Concrete Flume @ TPSS#9
    - Install ROW Fence and Mow strip
    - TPSS #9 ditch
    - Traffic barrier/ Column protection, guardrail/ crash cushions, standpipe, storage track stand pipe, bridge clearance signs, identification signs
    - Site Work: final site grading, place surface rock
    - Install crossing gates, pull crossing cable, Term/Tag/Test cables @ Chesapeake
    - (OCS): Ground OCS poles, balance weights, messenger wire, hangers, contact wire, disconnect switches, lightning arrestors, insulation, jumpers.
    - Communications: pull Comm FOC cable, install comm equipment TPSS #9 & #10
    - Work on cable trough laterals and trough storage
    - Track Signals: Install Stub ups/ Stub outs, pull express signal cable, switch machine, local signal cable, fiber optic cable, turnout bonding, circuit controller, signal house electric lock, derail CIH, express signal cable, local signal cable, trough lids, Term/Tag/Test signal cable, O&M signs.
  • At Terminal A, crews will:
    - Install Row Fence, guardrail, Form/ Pour/ Strip/ Mow Strip
    - Track Work: install pavers, joint sealant, under drain segment, mock-up unit pavers, track guide way fence
    - Cross under #2 gate spread footing
    - OCS: ground OCS poles, install balance weights , hangers, contact wire, section insulators, disconnect switches, jumpers
    - Track Signal systems: install stub ups/ stub outs, switch machine, turnout bonding, code loop, TWC loop, signals for CIH, remove at grade trough lids, express signal cable, Term/Tag/ Test cables, O&M signs

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Image of a father and child at a rail station

Any time you undertake a construction project, the possibility for danger is elevated. DART is urging everyone to be extra careful around its facilities, vehicles and especially the construction areas. Here are 10 tips you should know.

  1. Stop, look and listen for DART vehicles.
  2. DART Safely logo
  3. Cross the street or track at designated crosswalks only.
  4. Never walk, ride or play in front of or behind a DART vehicle.
  5. Children should always exit the bus through the front door.
  6. Do not walk, ride or play in a construction area.
  7. Never walk, ride or play on or near railroad tracks.
  8. Always stand behind the textured warning strips on rail platforms.
  9. Be careful when driving or turning across train tracks.
  10. Never try to beat a train through a crossing.
  11. Remember: Safety begins with you. Talk to your family.

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