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Click here to learn more about the changes at Ledbetter Station
Learn more about the changes at Ledbetter Station

March 31, 2016

ADA Ramp Removed During Redesign Work At Ledbetter Station, Effective Monday, April 11, 2016

Beginning Monday, April 11, 2016, passengers with disabilities can expect changes when accessing the train platform from the parking lot at Ledbetter Station.

As construction continues at the station, the ramp connecting the parking area to the train platforms will be taken out of service and spaces reserved for disabled parking will be temporarily unavailable.

Four temporary spaces will be available in the new passenger load/unload area at the front of the station accessible from Lancaster Road, and will be specifically designated for passengers with disability placards or license plates. Towing will be strictly enforced. Additional parking will be available at Kiest Station.

Once construction is complete - expected in late May - this area will return to its regular passenger load/unload function and the ramp will be opened for use, this time with lowered walls to improve visibility. Normal parking will be re-established.

Ledbetter Station Construction: Platform Extension, Effective March 21, 2016

This phase of the construction process over the next four to five months extends the East and West Platforms, allowing longer trains and more seating for you.

Temporary Changes To Expect:
  • The southern crossing will be closed; only the north walkway will be open.
  • Most train activity will be directed to the East Platform; trains will use the West Platform only in the event a train is occupying the east track. Please plan your trip accordingly to prevent missing your connection.
  • Due to the construction, the shelter serving Bus Bay 6 will be moved north, closer to Bus Bay 5.
  • As always, prepare for dust and noise, and allow extra time for transfers when possible.
Click here to learn more.

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Image of a father and child at a rail station

Any time you undertake a construction project, the possibility for danger is elevated. DART is urging everyone to be extra careful around its facilities, vehicles and especially the construction areas. Here are 10 tips you should know.

  1. Stop, look and listen for DART vehicles.
  2. DART Safely logo
  3. Cross the street or track at designated crosswalks only.
  4. Never walk, ride or play in front of or behind a DART vehicle.
  5. Children should always exit the bus through the front door.
  6. Do not walk, ride or play in a construction area.
  7. Never walk, ride or play on or near railroad tracks.
  8. Always stand behind the textured warning strips on rail platforms.
  9. Be careful when driving or turning across train tracks.
  10. Never try to beat a train through a crossing.
  11. Remember: Safety begins with you. Talk to your family.

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