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DART 2040 Transit System Plan
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Since adoption of the 2030 Transit System Plan in 2006, the region has continued to experience rapid growth. With this rapid growth, DART's mission remains the same - to operate a safe, efficient and effective transportation system that provides mobility, improves quality of life, and stimulates economic development. The development of the 2040 Transit System Plan will focus on continuing to meet this mission and sustaining the DART system for our current and future customers. Since regional growth trends and mobility needs extend beyond the DART Service Area boundary, the 2040 plan will also identify regional opportunities to expand transit and mobility choices.

The 2040 Transit System Plan is being developed using a phased approach. Phase One focused on the bus network through a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) effort in order to identify efficiencies and improvements to benefit our customers and build ridership. Phase Two is underway to develop the 2040 Transit System Plan, which will evaluate longer-term projects and programs, integrate the COA bus recommendations, and identify regional expansion opportunities.

Public meetings and "pop-up" meetings at DART facilities will be held in the near future to provide an update on the effort, including progress on the COA Bus Service Plan, the initial corridor screening evaluation, regional opportunities, and draft recommendations for the 2040 Transit System Plan.

DART 2040 Transit System Plan Newsletter

DART 2040 Transit System Plan Public Meeting Presentation

Phase One Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) and Bus Service Plan

The COA included a detailed analysis of each DART bus route as well as shuttles, on-call service, and flex routes. Coupled with a market and travel pattern analysis and a comprehensive public outreach program, the effort identified opportunities to increase efficiencies, thus identifying potential cost savings that could allow for operating improvements that can benefit our customers and build ridership. Any opportunities to identify and implement efficiencies in our bus network will serve to complement Phase Two of the Transit System Plan.

While some COA recommendations can be implemented over the next ten years through DART's service change process, many of the COA recommendations will need to be integrated into the overall 2040 Transit System Plan as funding becomes available. The recommendations from the COA effort are summarized in the COA Bus Service Plan Executive Summary (click here to view). This plan will guide potential service change opportunities through the year 2025 and beyond. Any future service changes would be subject to the DART public hearing process and would require approval by the DART Board of Directors.

Meetings were held in January and February 2015 for the COA. Draft recommendations for the 10-Year Bus Service Plan resulting from the Phase One COA effort were presented at the March 2016 public meetings when Phase Two was kicked off.

Public Meetings Presentation

PHASE TWO Development of the 2040 Transit Plan

On October 24, 2006, the DART Board of Directors unanimously approved the 2030 Transit System Plan. When the plan was adopted, it was envisioned that the recommended projects would be implemented by year 2030. Due to the economic downturn in 2008-2009, the majority of projects have been deferred to post-2030 due to funding constraints. These deferred projects as well as potential new ideas for projects, programs and services are being evaluated in the 2040 Transit System Plan. DART is using the most up to date information on land use, demographic growth, and travel patterns in our region to support the effort.

The figure below illustrates the planning process. DART has completed the screening evaluation of initial alternatives and is developing a draft 2040 Transit System Plan for public and stakeholder input. The Draft 2040 plan will integrate topics including Phase One COA recommendations, potential future transit corridor recommendations, strategies related to other mobility programs such as first and last mile connectivity, regional transit opportunities, and transit-oriented development. This information will be presented at public meetings in the near future.

Plan Development Process and Key Milestones
The initial alternatives that were analyzed during the screening evaluation are described in the alternatives facts sheets ( click here to view).


While the 2040 plan is underway, DART is continuing work on several projects identified in the last Transit System Plan, including:
  • Project Development is underway for the Dallas CBD Second Light Rail Alignment (D2), which entails development of Preliminary Engineering plans and Environmental Impact Statement (PE/EIS). The project is being refined as a subway based on recent actions by the Dallas City Council and DART Board of Directors.
  • Platform Modifications are under design for 28 stations on the Red and Blue Lines to enable these stations to accommodate 3-car trains like the rest of the system, thereby increasing the overall capacity of DART Rail. These improvements will be phased in by 2021.
  • The Cotton Belt regional rail project was identified in the 2030 Transit System Plan. The FY2017 20-Year Financial Plan moved the project schedule forward by more than 10 years to approximately year 2022. The Cotton Belt would provide an east-west linkage between Richardson/Plano towards DFW Airport.
View the DART 2030 Transit System Plan
View the Final DART 2030 Transit System Plan (8.5MB PDF file)
View the 2030 Transit System Plan Map

How to Get Involved and Stay Informed

As we explore potential opportunities to improve our transit system, we have several methods for you to provide input and stay informed about the process. We encourage you to sign up for alerts and get involved in whichever method best fits your schedule. Thank you for your participation! If you would like more information, please feel free to contact:

Rosa Cavazos Rosteet
Community Engagement Representative
Email: [email protected]

Kay Shelton
Transit System Plan Project Manager
Email: [email protected]

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