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We're Going Green
A letter from the DART Chairman of the Board.

Growth Spurt
The seeds of change have been sown. Now comes the real work of growing the 45-mile DART Rail System to more than twice its size, starting with the Green Line.

Keeping the Lines Open
As rail construction begins, DART is ramping up its safety education and public outreach programs to help keep resident families, schools and business owners in the know.

Winning Combination
World-class modern architecture, inviting public spaces and dramatic streetscapes make Victory Park a slam dunk and the epicenter of the real estate boom at Victory Station on the Green Line.

Two-Wheelin' Time
Fall is the perfect time to add some exercise to your daily commute and pedal your trusty two-wheeler from home to the nearest rail station or bus stop.

Short Trips
Baylor employees get a healthy commute; PassPlus brings transit home; DART Police rev up with Hemis; thousands enjoy Free Fare Day; Mavericks give ridership a bounce; passengers go green.

10 Great Years
North Texans cheered the past and hailed the future as DART celebrated the 10th anniversary of DART Rail with special events up and down the rail lines.

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Celebrating 10 Great Years
North Texans cheered the past and hailed the future as DART celebrated the 10th anniversary of DART Rail June 12-16.

Top: DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas welcomes celebrants to the Grand Hall at Union Station.

Middle: DART Rail operators reflect on a decade of service.

Bottom: Artist Rolando Diaz shows his commemorative piece, "Fast Forward," to engineering contractor Wendy Lopez.
DART Rail rolled into action on June 14, 1996, and the decade of service was marked with Customer Appreciation events and Music Station Concerts at stations up and down the Red and Blue lines. The week was capped with a breakfast in the Grand Hall at Union Station attended by government, business and community leaders from throughout North Texas, Austin and Washington, D.C.

"The success of DART Rail can be attributed to thousands of people who dreamed the impossible and then worked to make it come true," said DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas.

"Today, the public overwhelmingly supports transit and rail in particular," said Adlene Harrison, DART's first chairman. "In fact, the good news and the bad news is that we can't build enough rail, fast enough for many folks."

Billy Ratcliff, chairman when DART Rail opened, recalled the predictions of failure that hung over the ribbon-cutting. "They said nobody would ride trains in a region where the personal car was still king. They said the public's investment would never be recouped. It didn't take 24 hours to prove them wrong," he said.

Indeed, ridership the first month was 20 percent higher than expected, averaging more than 18,000 daily passengers as opposed to the projected 15,000. Passenger trips grew to 17.48 million in FY 2005 and have been climbing in 2006.

"The last 10 years have proven that public transit does more than merely create mobility," said DART's current Chairman Mark Enoch. "It has the power to transform a metropolitan region into one of tomorrow's great global cities."
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