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Priorities Report 2015

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   DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas and Board Chairman Robert Strauss discuss plans for major capital projects in the years ahead
DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas and Board Chairman Robert Strauss discuss plans for major capital projects in the years ahead

Turning Vision into Reality

In 2014, DART completed a global connection with the opening of our newest stop: DFW Airport Station.

Thanks to the light rail station located at Terminal A at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, travelers and employees are enjoying convenient access to the airport that can take them around the country – or the world.

Meanwhile, airlines now can fly anywhere in the U.S. from Dallas Love Field, and DART’s “Love Link” buses bridge the short distance between that airport and the Inwood/Love Field Station.

We are connecting North Texans to better job opportunities, higher education, improved health care and greater entertainment options, while saving our customers money and giving them a transportation choice.

Construction has begun on a Blue Line extension - scheduled to open in 2016 - that connects to the University of North Texas at Dallas. DART Rail will give students and staff convenient access to this growing university, as well as provide residents of southern Dallas improved transportation options for reaching employment centers throughout the region.

In the year ahead, the agency will complete streetcar projects with the city of Dallas and the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority. Studies are examining ways to improve bus service over the next decade. Plus, we are developing the 2040 Transit System Plan that maps out major projects for the next 25 years.

DART's strengths always have been visionary thinking and achievable plans. As a result, we have built a public transportation system that is changing travel in North Texas, improving the quality of life and stimulating economic development. As we look to the future, we're excited by what the region's investment in public transit may bring. Explore the possibilities with us.

Robert Strauss
Chairman of the DART Board
Gary C. Thomas
President/Executive Director

Table of Contents

Turning Vision into Reality: A letter from
   the DART Board Chairman and
   President/Executive Director

Financial and Investor Information

Facts About DART

Light Rail Expands Horizons

Reimagining Bus Transit

Transit Infrastructure Needs Federal Investment


Projects Will Expand Core Capacity

Preparing for Future Growth

Stimulating Economic Development

Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

DART Board Members

DART Current and Future Services to 2016

Connect with DART

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