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Year In Review FY 2013

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Tracking Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

Light rail ridership is tabulated using Federal Transit Administration-approved automatic passenger counters (APCs) as its official methodology. Results of a year of testing showed the APCs to be far more accurate than manual counting, and that DART had been underreporting ridership by approximately 15.5 percent by using the manual counting methodology.

The decrease in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane ridership correlates to certain lanes being taken out of service because of construction. The HOV lane on I-635 between I-35E and U-75/Central Expressway was taken out of service in summer 2011. The lane on I-30W will be taken out of service in 2014. The I-35/US-67 HOV lanes also will be impacted by construction. Effective Oct. 1, 2013, the Texas Department of Transportation assumed maintenance, enforcement, and operational responsibility for the HOV lanes within the DART Service Area. DART will continue to report revenue miles from DART's operation of buses on the HOV lanes and receive the associated FTA formula funds.

Sales and Use Tax Receipts. DART's primary funding source is the one-percent sales tax collected on transactions made in the 13 cities in the service area.

Table of Contents
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DART Takes You There: A letter from the DART Board
   Chairman and President/Executive Director

Financial and Investor Information

Facts About DART

Defining Federal Legislative Priorities

Generating Economic Development.

Tracking Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

Focusing on Customers; Attracting Riders

Improving Communications with Technology

Introducing New Buses and Services

Progressing on the Rail Expansion

Advancing Regional Mobility Through Partnerships

Planning for the Future

DART Board Members

DART Current and Future Services to 2016
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