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Wherever You Go
Year In Review FY 2013

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DART Takes You There

Thirty years ago, citizens in our Service Area voted to create DART and improve their transportation options. Over the past three decades, the agency developed a regional transit network that moves people throughout the DART Service Area and connects to transit systems serving greater Fort Worth and Denton County.

DART Board Chairman Robert Strauss and President/Executive Director Gary Thomas view construction progress at DFW Airport Station.
DART Board Chairman Robert Strauss and President/Executive Director Gary Thomas view construction progress at DFW Airport Station.
During the past fiscal year, DART's new fleet of compressed natural gas-fueled buses began arriving and transporting our riders. In addition to deploying new vehicles, the agency launched two landmark services:
  • D-Link, a free bus circulator connecting arts, dining, cultural and entertainment destinations in and around downtown Dallas and Oak Cliff.
  • Metro ArlingtonXpress, a contract express bus route connecting the Trinity Railway Express to stops in Arlington.
In 2014, the focus shifts to completing the extension of the Orange Line to Terminal A at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. With the opening of DFW Airport Station, DART will help people travel around the country and the world, making Dallas one of a few U.S. cities with a direct rail connection between the major airport and the heart of downtown.

The final piece of the current capital expansion is a southern extension of the Blue Line from our Ledbetter Station to the University of North Texas at Dallas, with a stop at Camp Wisdom Road. Opening in 2016, the extension makes the university more accessible, provides new stimulus for economic development and improves light rail access for residents of southern Dallas.

With the initial rail system nearly built, the agency and DART Service-Area cities now are identifying and prioritizing projects for the next 30 years. DART Board members and agency leaders also are continuing discussions with officials in nearby municipalities about becoming part of DART.

Between current initiatives and future plans, DART is well-poised to address mobility challenges in our fast-growing region and take people wherever they need to go for years to come.

Robert Strauss
Chairman of the DART Board

Gary C. Thomas
President/Executive Director

Table of Contents
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DART Takes You There: A letter from the DART Board
   Chairman and President/Executive Director

Financial and Investor Information

Facts About DART

Defining Federal Legislative Priorities

Generating Economic Development.

Tracking Ridership and Sales & Use Tax Receipts

Focusing on Customers; Attracting Riders

Improving Communications with Technology

Introducing New Buses and Services

Progressing on the Rail Expansion

Advancing Regional Mobility Through Partnerships

Planning for the Future

DART Board Members

DART Current and Future Services to 2016
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Wherever you go - across town or around the world - DART makes it possible to use public transportation to get there.
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