Inmotion NOVEMBER 2015
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In this issue:
Recipe for Livability
Carrollton's New Vitality
Garland Redevelops its Downtown
Where Richardson and Plano Meet
Catalyzing Growth in Rowlett
Mustang Station Touts Rail Access
Sales Tax Revenue and Ridership Reports
DART Current and Future Services to 2016
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Recipe for Livability

Where DART goes, North Texas grows

DART mixes the ingredients that make a transit-oriented lifestyle possible: destinations accessible by light rail along with new businesses and amenities being built near rail stations.

Transit contributes to downtown revitalization

While thousands still commute in and out of downtown Dallas daily, a growing number of amenities is making it a great place to live.
While thousands still commute in and out of downtown Dallas daily, a growing number of amenities is making it a great place to live.
The hottest new area in Dallas is also one of the oldest. Over the past decade, much has changed in and near downtown, and that progress is enticing people to rediscover the city center.

Serving as a base for revitalization, DART Rail opened a starter line through the heart of downtown in June 1996. As light rail has grown, enhanced by bus service, transit has become an effective way to move people in and out of the urban core - a key ingredient for attracting development.

"DART is one component that differentiates downtown from other real estate," said Karl Zavitkovsky, director of the city of Dallas' Office of Economic Development. "But it is the ever-growing mixture of employers, residential properties, cultural arts, parks, retail and multimodal transportation options that makes the area so appealing."

Karl Stundins, area redevelopment program manager in the Office of Economic Development, oversees the city's tax increment financing and public improvement districts in downtown and Uptown. By design, most are served by DART Rail, the M-Line Trolley or the Dallas Streetcar.

"The real value of a rail line - both light rail and streetcar - is not the line itself but what exists along it. As these fixed systems expand both within downtown and to areas like the Bishop Arts District, the rail network will compress the pedestrian distance between places and become more convenient than walking or driving," Stundins said.

What is DARTable?
"DARTable" describes a destination best reached or a distance best traversed by riding a train or bus. The term encourages people to travel throughout North Texas by public transportation because DART makes it easy to get there. As a result, DART becomes a trusted guide about where to go and new places to explore as it empowers a transit-oriented lifestyle.

Discover local gems:

City of Glenn HeightsCongratulations to Glenn Heights on 46 years as an incorporated city! Thank you for being part of the DART Service Area from the beginning.
Ask Gary! The inside track from President/Executive Director Gary ThomasHow does DART make North Texas more livable? North Texas encompasses a large geographic area, and it's imperative for the sustainability of our region that people get where they need to go safely, efficiently and effectively.

For more than 30 years, residents of our 13-city service area have seen DART as a critical element in the long-term transportation plan for the region. As the population and congestion continue to increase, more people are looking at public transit as an alternative to driving.

We're working with our colleagues at other regional transportation authorities to take transit to even more North Texans. By linking the region with a network of buses and trains, we are helping residents make transportation choices that fit with their destination, schedule and lifestyle.

The regional rail network also has attracted a growing number of transit-oriented developments around the stations, which allow our residents to live, work and play with a lot less driving.

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