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DART Station Art & Design Program
DART Gallery
A Collection of Public Art
DART Rail Red and Blue Lines
and TRE System Map
DART Rail Red and Blue Lines
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DART Gallery Cover with Hampton Station Column image
Hampton Station

Explore, Discover, Engage, Delight!

Use this guide to plan your tour of any one or all featured stations. Notice that the red, blue, or green numbers on each station description correspond to stops on the DART Rail/Trinity Railway Express map on the next page. Both the DART Rail Red and Blue lines serve stations with red/blue boxes.

Full Circle - Convention Center Station
Full Circle
Frances Merritt Thompson
Photographic mural print
Convention Center Station

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

The DART Station Art & Design Program is a testament to the powerful synergy created by a shared vision and collaboration.

Throughout the development of DART Rail and the Trinity Railway Express, engineers, architects, artists and neighborhood advisory committees worked together from station concept to completion. Each station is a celebration of community: expressing our area's rich diversity of cultures and our architectural history. Art and design elements both acknowledge our human differences and affirm our shared humanity.

The result is a series of passenger facilities that are far more than convenient transit points; they are uncommon works of art.

The DART Station Art & Design Program does not merely create art for public places; it creates the places themselves. Come see a superb collection of public art that engages us in the present, reminds us of our past and beckons us to consider our collective future.

Iron Horse
Tom Askman
Downtown Plano Station
Iron Horse - Downtown Plano Station

Spend a morning, afternoon, or a day. Check out how common elements in a transit station canopies, columns, pavers, windscreens, fencing and landscaping become uncommon art and design elements.

See for yourself why DART has won numerous awards for its Station Art & Design Program and its amazing collection of public art.

Never ridden DART before? No problem. You'll find helpful rider information and schedules at, or call 214-979-1111 and a DART Customer Information Representative will be glad to help you plan your station art tour.

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Sue Bauman
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Carter Wilson
Senior Manager, Creative Services
Donn Coburn
Millie Tweddell

Joe Swift
Robin Stringfellow
Assistant Vice President, Communications
Lawrence Westby
Creative Director
Penny Johnson
Art Director, Designer
Craig King
Project Manager, DART Art & Design Program

Artists! DART is seeking proposals for public art installations to enhance new light rail stations in its service area.
For additional information about specific projects, call 214-749-2937.

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