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  Your guide
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Artist: Leticia Huerta      

Buckner Station

      Location: Buckner Boulevard and Elam Road


The three southern-most stations along the Green Line tell a story of evolution. Viewed as a single entity, these stations show how society has, over time, evolved from the era of hunter-gatherers, to the pioneer era, on to the industrial revolution. The two artists who had the vision for these three stations worked together to weave this story of change.

The southeast community has a rich heritage, one with a long link to rail. Historically, the railroad promised a new way of life for settlers, an influx of new experiences and ideas. This design echoes rail's past - using the brown and gold colors you might see at an old train stop, combined with the rivets and metalwork from the industrial age.

The station features sleek steel columns riveted together to echo the look of industrial machinery. Containing seams as if assembled with a rivet gun, these columns imply the strength of the factory workers of long ago - the hardworking people who made the life we enjoy today possible.

The fencing also has a riveted look, but the real attractions are the 7' x 4' art panels embedded into the fence. Seventeen polycarbonate panels, each featuring a different fabric design from the 1900s to the present, offer the viewer a brief history of textile design.

The windscreens depict machine parts, magnified and toned in primary colors. This splash of color adds a little variety to the otherwise monochromatic look of the station. The platform is paved with a mix of light and dark pavers and features a circular motif reminiscent of the artwork from the industrial era, as well as the wheels of machinery used in manufacturing.

Despite its historical focus, the station has been given a modern feel by artist Leticia Huerta. It's inspired by the past but living in the present - a station that urges riders to look back as they move forward.

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