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Artist: Julie Cohn, Brandon Oldenburg and Brad Oldham      

Deep Ellum Station

      Location: Good-Latimer Expressway and Gaston Avenue

Deep Ellum Station strikes a thematic balance between the neighborhood's legendary past and its hopes for the future. The artwork on the windscreens is a kind of palimpsest - an ancient manuscript that has been written on, scraped off, and used again - creating a layered effect. These layers artistically capture the many iterations of the Deep Ellum neighborhood. Station artist Julie Cohn wanted riders to feel as if they were looking though a tunnel viewing overlaid remnants of the past and present.

The windscreens feature old and new imagery from the neighborhood that shifts depending on the viewing perspective. This, again, gives a layered look, while also allowing every one who gazes upon them to get a different impression. Natural light penetrates the windscreens at twilight, making them glow and giving them an almost magical quality. The columns are designed to oxidize over time, again reflecting the ever-changing nature of the neighborhood. In fact, the whole station is designed with evolution in mind.

While Deep Ellum is a forward-looking community, it is also an area rich in history. For decades, motorists entering the neighborhood appreciated the artwork along the famed Good-Latimer tunnel, long a concrete canvas for local muralists. When this iconic gateway had to be removed to make way for Deep Ellum Station, DART hosted a design competition to provide the area with a new public art hallmark.

Dubbed "The Deep Ellum Gateway Project," Brandon Oldenburg of Deep Ellum's own Reel FX Creative Studios and Brad Oldham of Dallas-based Brad Oldham Inc. won the commission in 2007. The result, a three-part stainless steel sculpture series called The Traveling Man, delivers spectacularly, guiding the eye to Deep Ellum.

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