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Artist: Roberto Munguia      

Inwood/Love Field Station

      Location: Southwest corner of Inwood Road and Denton Drive

The concept for this station stems from the schools and research centers that call this neighborhood home. Using these institutions as inspiration, artist Roberto Munguia employed the theme "Tree of Knowledge."

To carry out the concept, a colorful maze shaped like an abstract brain greets riders at the station entry. Near the maze is a spark, representing the illumination that springs forth from discovery. The maze is intended to be a functional piece, a fun challenge for riders waiting for a train. Another, more meditative maze exists in the park area adjacent to the station.

The yellow platform columns also use the spark motif, with a light source behind the image so that the sparks shine a bright red at night. At the platform and concourse levels, abstracted tree trunk and leaf designs extend from the elevators to represent the contrasting static and mutable nature of the pursuit of knowledge.

For the color scheme, Munguia sought inspiration from the community, borrowing from the colors of older neighborhood homes for the earth-toned pavers. To symbolize the influence Latinos had on the community, the artist used bright colors on the stairs, columns and canopies.

In summary, Inwood/Love Field Station does more than open doors to destinations. It opens minds!

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