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Artist: Viola Delgado      

Lake June Station

      Location: Lake June Road and US Highway 175

The second in this evolutionary series, Lake June Station pays homage to the area's agricultural roots, telling the story of the pioneers that once called this place home. Their lifestyle revolved around a cyclical calendar of planting, harvesting and preparing for the next season - a life of balance. Artist Viola Delgado captured this concept beautifully by using a mix of organic shapes, natural materials and vibrant colors.

Since farming communities grew up around rivers, the artist used the paving to symbolize a river. The platform is made up of blue concrete pavers in a stream-like shape. The most noticeable elements of the paving, however, are six medallions, nine-feet in diameter, made up of mosaic tile. Each of these hand-painted mosaic medallions represents some aspect of farming culture or pioneer life. The swirling pattern of the columns recalls the image of an inviting spring from Pemberton's Farm. Painted in gold, yellow and white, the columns also echo the appearance of a furrowed field.

The station landscaping and fencing are all in rows, much like crop rows in a field.

The windscreens use sepia-tone photographs of farming equipment, as well as the words of noted poet Susan Davis. Her poem "Farm Days" beautifully completes the station concept, telling the story of a farming community.

Though pioneers have long left the area, this station reminds the community of its forgotten farming past.

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