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Artist: Charlotte Lindsey and Larry Enge      

Trinity Mills Station

      Location: Trinity Mills Road and Broadway Street

To residents of today, Trinity Mills may just sound like the name of a road. In fact, it's a reference to the grain and gravel industry that grew up around the Elm Fork of the Trinity River in Carrollton.

The art project at Trinity Mills Station points to this history. Artists Charlotte Lindsey and Larry Enge, operating in partnership under the moniker Montage 48/61, used a thin ribbon of colored concrete to represent the river and a circular millstone to represent the movement of a mill wheel. Located at the station entry point, the circle also symbolizes the seasonal cycles of farming.

The design team used earth-toned pavers to reflect how agriculture has influenced the area. Natural grasses have been executed in relief on the column cladding to further this point. The columns also feature strips of weathering steel. Intended to oxidize to a certain point and then stop rusting, the stainless steel strips help to give the station a contemporary feel. A line of colored tile within the column references the color changes that occur with the change of seasons. The windscreens use images of grain and grass, spread over multiple panels, to give the viewer the sense of walking through a field.

The overall intent is to mimic the appearance of land and water, as viewed from 30,000 feet. It's also to remind us of life's ever-changing cycles, including the changes that the wheels of light rail transit promise to bring!

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