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37 - South Irving Station

Marking the crossroads of history

South Irving Station Marker TreeSouth Irving Station PaversThis station is steps from Irving's historic downtown area, which was incorporated in 1898. However, the city's roots go back to when the area was a converging point for numerous Native American and pioneer-era trails. The station site is on the Birdville Trail, where prospectors headed west in search of gold. The trail later became a stagecoach route, a railroad line and, most recently, part of the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) corridor.

Artist David B. Hickman's Marker Tree is a stylized, stainless steel interpretation of the "signposts" Native Americans created to identify important trail and stream crossings. They bent a flexible young tree until its trunk was parallel to the ground, and then anchored it with strips of rawhide. The tree would eventually grow in this position and could be recognized from a distance. In keeping with the crossroads theme, the artwork sits between the station and its bus transit center.

Design Artist: David Hickman

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