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A Better Way To Travel

That's when A New Bus Network goes into effect. This isn't just another service change. Working with all 13 service-area cities, employers, community leaders, and transit riders, DART wiped the slate clean and started from scratch. The result: Shorter wait times. Longer service hours. Better access to buses that go where you need them to go. Altogether a quicker, more efficient and user-friendly way to ride the bus.

How Does A New Bus Network Benefit Me?

  • Increased frequency. Core routes will provide bus frequencies equal to, or better than, light rail service - 15 minutes at peak and 15-20 minutes at midday. Light rail service will also return to pre-pandemic-levels, providing 15-minute peak service and more frequent evening service.

  • Less travel time. The new bus routes are more direct, focusing on major corridors and reducing the number of stops. This means faster travel time and better connections.

  • Improved service. Good news for those who work non-traditional hours: Now all local bus routes will run 7 days a week, from 5 a.m. until at least midnight. The 22 core routes will operate from 4 a.m.-1 a.m.

  • Better access. Once A New Bus Network is implemented Jan. 24, 74% of DART service area residents will be within easy walking distance of transit - a 6% increase over the current system. Additionally, the new network will increase the number of jobs that an average resident can reach within one hour - a whopping 34% improvement over the existing bus network.
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