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Brand-New Fair Fun
Fried food, festivities and family fun await when you ride DART to the Fair! Those are givens. And this year, you'll find some special new treats that add to the experience.

New attractions!

World of Birds returns from a six-year hiatus with a new show, Soar! Located at the Band Shell, the spectacular production includes bird releases, flyovers and more.

Texas Cinema is all about filmmakers and performers who hail from the Lone Star State, as well as the cinematic depictions of Texas that helped make it a legend. Head to the Hall of State to check it out.

The Mighty Mike Show is an old-time carnival experience, showcasing feats of strength such as bending horseshoes and juggling bowling balls. You're guaranteed to be amazed and entertained at the Coliseum Terrace.

Splashdance! is a State Fair of Texas exclusive taking place daily on the Esplanade. Festive music, high-energy dancers and acrobats, and the awesome fountains combine to make a dazzling spectacle.

The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection celebrates the achievements of black Americans through more than 150 paintings, sculptures, photos, letters and more. The exhibition at the African American Museum runs through March 1, 2020.

New rides!

Itís not the Fair without exhilarating rides. Now thrill-seekers have more reasons to hit the Midway:

Dancing Clown, Tilt-a-Whirl and Satori Yachts are great new kiddie rides sure to give smaller attendees a kick.

Crazy Surf and Beach Party are new attractions guaranteed to satisfy risk takers, while still being fun for the whole family.

Moon Raker gives fairgoers the adventure of space flight without ever leaving Earth. Once it reaches its full height, the top of the ride tilts and rotates, and the entire ride spins. Hang on to your hat!

Skyliner is an electrifying family swing ride that will take your breath away as you take to the skies in an awesome aerial experience.

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