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Employee Travel Discounts: Economical Mass Transportation

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a public transportation agency that serves residents of Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We provide our riders with a huge range of travel discounts. This includes tax free van travel, discounted bus passes, and even savings on monthly train expenses. Our vanpool and carpool services enable employers to increase their employee attendance rates and productivity by utilizing rideshare programs that will get their employees to work on time and stress free. Their ride will be comfortable and fast, since they will have access to fast HOV lanes that are not congested with traffic. Our vans can hold up to 15 people per trip. Our vanpool service is one the most economical transportation options in Dallas, since riders will share the cost. We offer steep employee discounts on all forms of mass transportation that we provide.

Why Travel with DART?

Our services can save you time, money, and stress, one ride at a time. Employers can subsidize all, or a portion of, the cost of travel for employees, to give their employees the ability to get to work on time, easily, efficiently, and affordably. The employee travel discounts that we offer are great incentives for employers and employees to sign up for our programs. Our vehicles are regularly maintained, and we pay all insurance costs on the vehicles. We even offer Paratransit Services for people with disabilities who are unable to use DART buses or trains. If you need reliable transit services that are unsurpassed, look no further than Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

What We Can Offer

  • Carpool and Vanpool Services
  • Bus and Train Passes
  • Discounts and Tax Benefits on Transport Services
  • Monthly and Yearly Passes
  • Various Incentives and Benefits for Both Employers and Employees

Contact Us Today!

Contact DART today via our online contact form or at 214-747-RIDE. We will be pleased to provide whatever information or assistance that you may need.

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