Public Transportation Options For Garland Area Residents After Baylor Hospital Closure

In response to customer requests in the wake of the recent closure of Baylor Garland Hospital, DART has prepared a list of public transportation options by which Garland residents can reach both outpatient clinics and full-service hospitals in the nearby communities. It should be noted that most transit trips for medical purposes travel to outpatient clinics rather than full-service hospitals.

Part 1 – Full Service Hospitals

Hospital Location and Routes Serving DART Directions from Garland
Medical City Dallas NW of Forest Lane and N Central Expressway (360, 451, 486, 488, 830) Route 486 to Forest Lane & Park Central. For service inside hospital campus, transfer at Forest Lane Station for 360, 451, or 830 (Medical City E-Shuttle).
Methodist Richardson Shiloh & Renner Roads, Richardson (841) Route 410 is available at South Garland Transit Center, Forest/Jupiter Station, or anywhere along Jupiter Road. Transfer to Route 841 at Jupiter & Renner.
City Hospital at White Rock (formerly Doctors Hospital) Garland Road & Buckner (60, 475) Route 60 from South Garland Transit Center, or take Route 475 from Lake Highlands Station (Blue Line).
Baylor Downtown Dallas Gaston Avenue & Hall St (Green line, 60, others) Route 60 from South Garland TC, or ride DART Rail to Pearl/Arts District Station and transfer to Green Line to Baylor University Medical Center Station.
Baylor Rowlett (Lake Pointe) Hwy 66 & Scenic Dr., Rowlett (887) DART Rail (Blue Line) to Downtown Rowlett Station, then Route 887.
Texas Presbyterian Adjacent to Walnut Hill Station on DART Red Line Use Routes 402 (Belt Line), 571 (Buckingham), 463 (Walnut), 488 (Forest), or Blue Line to reach Red Line, then ride to Walnut Hill Station.
Parkland Adjacent to Southwesterm Medical Distict/Parkland Station on DART Green/Orange lines Ride DART Rail to Pearl/Arts District Station and transfer to Green or Orange lines.
VA Medical Center Adjacent to VA Medical Center Station on DART Blue Line Ride DART Rail Blue Line to VA Medical Center Station.

Part 2 – Outpatient Clinics without Full Service Hospitals

Clinic Location and Routes Serving DART Directions from Garland
Baylor Garland Hospital Campus (main hospital is closing) NE of Walnut & Shiloh Route 463 on Walnut Street. Route 472 on Shiloh Road.
Baylor North Garland Clinic President George Bush Turnpike & N Garland Avenue (566) Route 566 from Downtown Garland Station.
Methodist at Firewheel Town Center Lavon Rd north of President George Bush Turnpike (513) Route 513 from Downtown Garland Station.
Parkland Garland Clinic First & Hopkins (377) Route 377 from Downtown Garland Station or South Garland Transit Center.

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