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Bicycle Commuting Tips

  • Share the road. Don't assume motorists can see you.

  • Ride on the right, but not too close to parked cars. Drivers might open a car door without seeing you.

  • Never ride against traffic. Follow signs, signals and pavement markings.

  • When turning left, merge with left-turning traffic or walk your bike across as a pedestrian if traffic is heavy.

  • Inform others of turns by using hand signals. These are the same as motorists' hand signals except that for turning right you can use your right arm and point.

  • Slow down and yield for pedestrians.

  • Be predictable. Avoid sudden swerves.

  • Common sense, courtesy, and caution are the three C's of good cycling.

  • Watch the road. The American Automobile Association suggests using an accident avoidance technique called "SIPDA": scan, identify, predict, decide, and then act.