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Ledbetter - Changing for the Better
Platform Extension - More Seat Availability For You!

This phase of the construction process at Ledbetter Station over the next four to five months extends the East and West Platforms, allowing longer trains and more seating for you.

Temporary Changes To Expect

  • The southern crossing will be closed; only the north walkway will be open.
  • Most train activity will be directed to the East Platform; trains will use the West Platform only in the event a train is occupying the east track. Please plan your trip accordingly to prevent missing your connection.
  • Due to the construction, the shelter serving Bus Bay 6 will be moved north, closer to Bus Bay 5.
  • As always, prepare for dust and noise, and allow extra time for transfers when possible.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

  • During the construction, the ramp from the parking area to the West Platform will be used to remove debris. Construction workers will flag clearance for passengers using the ramp.
  • As of Monday, April 11, 2016, it will be necessary to close the ramp for scheduled work. The ramp will remain in service until that date. At the time it is removed, a limited amount of accessible parking will be made available at the front of the station accessible from Lancaster Road. Other plans for mobility impaired customers are being evaluated. Additional parking is also available at Kiest and Illinois stations.
  • Please see ADA Ramp Removed During Redesign Work At Ledbetter Station, Effective Monday, April 11, 2016 for details.

Using a "bus bridge"

During station reconstruction, train activity might be suspended. If that occurs, passengers may be asked to take a bus between Ledbetter Station and VA Medical Center or Kiest stations to start or complete their journey. These buses, or "bus bridges," will display a SHUTTLE or LEDBETTER destination sign and load at the red bus stops destination sign and load at the red bus stops located at each station. These trips will be announced in advance of the disruption.

Look for SHUTTLE or LEDBETTER destination sign on bus bridge

DART will provide updated information on the estimated time frame of each body of work as it becomes available.

For additional information, you may click here to subscribe to Rail Construction Alerts or contact DART customer service at (214) 979-1111.

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