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Ledbetter - Changing for the Better

The Next Step - East Platform Closure

With the West Platform now ready for use, the redesign of Ledbetter Station moves east. Below we focus on what to expect over the next 6-8 months.
As construction on the East Platform begins Oct. 19, customers may experience similar challenges that were felt during the West Platform work - crowding, travel time delays, dust, noise - plus some entirely new ones.

As construction is moved from the West to the East Platform, you will find:

  • The concierge building will temporarily be closed. DART Staff will be relocated to the building where the public restrooms are housed.
  • Public restrooms will be temporarily closed (plans for temporary restrooms currently are being finalized).
  • One door on both the concierge and public restroom buildings will be permanently closed; the doors facing the bus bays and the TVMs will remain open during construction and after completion of the construction.
  • Access to TVMs on the East and West Platforms will be available. The assistance box on the East Platform also will remain available.

Short-term Different Paths to Familiar Locations

  • While the work continues, customers may have to follow new paths to get to their regular bus bay. Please allow extra time to make bus-rail connections.
  • When crossing from the West Platform to the bus boarding areas, remember to go north for bus bays 1, 2 and 3 (Routes 466, 405/Rail Disruption Shuttle and 415).
  • Go south for bus bays 4, 5 and 6 (Routes 554, 515/553, and 444/Paratransit).

Using a "bus bridge"

During station reconstruction, train activity occasionally may be suspended. Passengers will be asked to take a bus between Ledbetter Station and VA Medical Center or Kiest stations to start and/or complete their journey. These buses will display a SHUTTLE or LEDBETTER destination sign and load at the red bus stops located at each station. These trips will be announced in advance of the disruption.

Look for SHUTTLE or LEDBETTER destination sign on bus bridge

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Please follow directional signs for access to the East Platform and the bus bay area. In addition, the ramp from the parking area to the West Platform will be taken out of service at a date to be determined. At that time, limited handicapped parking in front of the station will be made available. Other plans for mobilityimpaired customers are being evaluated. Additional parking is also available at Keist and Illinois Stations.

DART will provide updated information on the estimated time frame of each phase of work as it becomes available.

For additional information, you may click here to subscribe to Rail Construction Alerts or contact DART customer service at (214) 979-1111.

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