You don't have to
imagine the future.

It's already here.

North Texas is growing - which means the ways you get around should expand, too. That's why DART is going beyond bus, train and light rail to give you more ways to get where you need to be.


New Choices Have Arrived

Greater opportunities in our region bring a greater responsibility for DART to keep up with rising demand. Now we offer more flexible choices that put your needs first - not the other way around.

Something for Everyone

Even if you don't ride DART, you still benefit from the improvements we're making. They bolster the local economy, support future growth, and keep our region competitive.

Share the Ride

DART is creating an integrated system that combines traditional services with new modes of transportation, like ride sharing, bike sharing, car sharing and taxis.

Take the Next Step

See how DART is moving North Texas forward. Share the news
with someone in your life who could use a better way to get around.

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