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Bus Service Changes Ahead
Effective June 1, 2020

Several bus service changes, involving the Flex category of routes, are scheduled to take place on Monday, June 1, 2020


MORE DIRECT BUS ROUTES. Click here to learn more. BETTER CONNECTIONS = REDUCED WAIT TIME. Transferring bus-to-rail and bus-to-bus is NOW EVEN EASIER! EXPANDED HOURS, MORE FREQUENCY. FEWER STOPS / FASTER SERVICE. LESS STRESS. IMPROVED ON-TIME ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES. Click here to learn more. SAFETY & CONVENIENCE. Cameras onboard. USB chargers on NEW BUSES. MORE SHELTERS, BENCHES & LIGHTING. Click here to learn more. EXPRESS ROUTES NOW HAVE EXPANDED COVERAGE GIVING YOU MORE ACCESS TO JOBS. Click here to learn more. UPGRADED BUS ROUTES. THESE SEVEN ROUTES (404, 409, 466, 467, 583, 52, 59) CARRY MORE THAN 13,500 PEOPLE PER DAY. Click here to learn more. 50% BUS ROUTES ENHANCED. 100% BUSES ELECTRIC OR NATURAL GAS.* (* Does not include Paratransit vehicles or fleet). Click here to learn more.

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