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Internal Audit Mission Statement

To assist our clients in optimizing internal control systems that significantly increase their ability to accomplish their business objectives. Specifically,

We establish our annual audit plans based on risk, using a risk assessment process and model. We employ a COSO based audit process that focuses on business objectives, risks to achievement of the objectives, and controls to mitigate the risks.

We create an environment that fosters candid discussions of the challenges facing our Agency and taps into the creativity of our clients.

We promote business objective, risk and control awareness and provide management with assistance in determining the optimum level of operating, financial and regulatory controls needed to meet our Agency's objectives.

We test and report on the adequacy and effectiveness of controls to management and the Audit Committee in an independent manner.

We assist management with the design of controls within new or significantly modified systems and process improvement projects which present a high level of risk to the Agency.

We review contractors billings, proposals, and claims to ensure amounts paid are in accordance with contract terms.

We practice continuous improvement techniques to ensure we utilize the best practices available and provide quality services.