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Dallas Streetcar

Dallas Streetcar

The Dallas Streetcar is operated by DART for the City of Dallas.

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Dallas Streetcar
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The city of Dallas' modern streetcar system travels over a 2.45-mile route that features six stops between EBJ Union Station in downtown Dallas and the historic Bishop Arts District. The Dallas Streetcar runs every 20 minutes, seven days a week, from 5:30 a.m. to midnight.

There is a $1 one-way fare to ride the Dallas Streetcar if you do not have a valid pre-purchased DART pass. To pay your fare, you may use one of DART's contactless fare payment options. Either tap your GoPass Tap card, Contactless Payment card or device at the on-board validator or purchase a Dallas Streetcar fare on the GoPass app. There is not a cash fare payment option.

Cost: $1 One-Way Fare
Included with any valid DART pass
• One-Way pass available in DART's GoPass® app
• Tap and go with a reloadable GoPass® Tap card
• No cash accepted onboard vehicle
Hours: 7 Days a Week, 5:30 a.m. to midnight
Frequency: every 20 minutes

To connect to DART Rail, a DART bus or the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) commuter rail, buy a Day Pass with the GoPass app, from a Ticket Vending Machine at any station or onboard the bus. Click here for more information about fares.

Dallas Streetcar Schedules:

A weekend schedule will be operated on days observed for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Ownership: City of Dallas
Operation and Maintenance: DART



  • Path: Dedicated lane over the Houston Street Viaduct and shared street lanes in Oak Cliff
  • Stops: Six (Union Station, Greenbriar, Oakenwald, Beckley, 6th Street, Bishop Arts)
  • Attractions: EBJ Union Station, Ferris Plaza, Lake Cliff Park, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Bishop Arts District, restaurants


  • Manufacturer: Brookville Equipment Corporation (Pennsylvania)
  • Dual-mode operation: Overhead contact system and off-wire electrical operation
  • Size: 8 feet wide and 66 feet, 5 inches long with three passenger areas
  • Boarding: Level at all stops (center car open for bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers)
  • Capacity: 34 seated, plus standees


Know the safety rules for riding the streetcar and for interacting around the streecar as a pedestrian, biker or driver.

Safety Rules for Riders

Dallas Streetcar Union Station Stop
  • Passengers use and observe crosswalks when leaving or arriving at the mid-street stops
  • Do not run across the street or tracks to catch the streetcar
  • Enter and exit one-by-one and step safely on and off the platform
  • Be mindful of seating for seniors
  • Service dogs are allowed on the streetcar; food and drinks are not allowed
  • Use handrails if you are standing
  • The streetcars meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

Safety Rules for Pedestrians

  • Only cross tracks at marked crosswalks
  • Strollers, wheelchairs and other devices should cross tracks at an angle to avoid getting stuck
  • Streetcars use warning bells to signal movement and stops
  • Remove headphones to hear signals
  • Follow paved paths and signage to the streetcar platforms
  • When waiting for a streetcar at night, stand beneath a street light or well-lit path
  • Streetcars share the road with traditional cars

Safety Rules for Bikers

  • Cyclists always cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle
  • Don't ride on top of tracks; wheels may get stuck
  • Walk your bike across tracks for extra safety
  • Don't enter strictly streetcar lanes
  • Drive in bike lanes and use marked bike crossings
  • You can bring bikes onto the streetcar if room is available
  • The Dallas Streetcar is the first project in the United States to use wireless traction power utilizing an onboard stored energy system as the streetcars cross the Houston Street Viaduct bridge.
  • Passengers with bikes must stand in the space designated at the back of each streetcar
  • Use hand signals so streetcars and other drivers are aware of your intentions

Safety Rules for Drivers

  • Motorists exercise caution where streetcar enters shared driving lanes or is making a turn
  • Motorists exercise caution where streetcar turns right onto Colorado from the left lane on southbound trips
  • Be prepared to stop behind streetcars
  • Tracks become slippery in winter weather and rain
  • Watch for pedestrians trying to board the streetcar
  • In the case of a car accident, clear the streetcar track if possible
  • Streetcars share the road with traditional cars
  • Never stop, idle or park on track
  • Pay attention to loading and unloading passengers as this will bring more pedestrians to the crosswalks

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