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DART – Let's Go.

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Personalized, on-demand, curb-to-curb service when and where you need it

GoLink now has more service providers and more vehicles, for faster pickups in your area!

Less waiting, more going.

DART continues to improve its GoLink service to deliver convenient curb-to-curb transportation in the Farmers Branch Zone.

Now, GoLink has an expanded fleet and more vehicles. By dispatching the closest vehicle, you'll get picked up faster!

You also have the choice of using UberPool for your trips, giving you more flexibility than ever.

GoLink and UberPool are perfect for running errands, heading to the office or connecting to DART trains and buses.

Booking Your Trip with GoPass®
  1. Download the latest version of DART's free GoPass app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Select "Plan" within the app and enter your location and destination information.

  3. Choose your desired trip option - GoLink or UberPool will appear as selections, if they are available for your itinerary.

  4. If you choose GoLink, continue booking in the GoPass App. For UberPool trips, you will be linked to the Uber app to complete your request.

  5. Need an ADA-accessible vehicle? You must request it at the time of booking. Not all vehicles can accommodate riders with mobility devices.

  6. For GoLink: Purchase a DART pass within the GoPass app, if you don't already have one.

  7. Once you book your trip, the GoPass app will provide your driver's name, the vehicle type, license plate number and pickup location.
Don't have a smartphone?
Book your trip by calling 214-515-7272.

Note: Phone reservations must be made at least 30 minutes in advance. Only same-day trips accepted. UberPool trips cannot be booked by phone - only GoLink. Reservations accepted Monday - Friday, starting at 4:30 a.m.

For more information about GoPass, visit or call DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111.

Hours of Operation

5 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday - Friday

GoLink does not operate on Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

GoLink Fares

• Ride GoLink at no additional cost with any valid DART fare.

• Visit to learn about available pass types.

• GoLink only sells single ride fares on board for $1.50. Single ride fare is cash only, one-way only, and no pass will be issued. Exact cash or change required. Operators cannot provide change.

UberPool Rates

• $1* Travel to or from the designated DART station or transit center to or from anywhere within the zone. (prices are per person, per trip including children)

• $3 Travel point-to-point, to or from any destination within a single zone. (prices are per person, per trip including children)

* The $1 fee is waived during the introductory period.
After that, riders will be charged for these trips.

Tips for a Smooth Ride

Enter your current location and desired destination, either with our app or
by calling 214-515-7272.

Riders using GoLink cannot be guaranteed an ADA-compliant vehicle unless specifically requested when booking. Specific GoLink vehicles meet ADA requirements, offering wheelchair lifts or ramps to accommodate riders with disabilities. Riders with disabilities may bring service animals on board.

All trips require a reservation. No walk-ons allowed.

Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

Be ready. Vehicles depart briefly after arriving at the pick-up point noted by the GoPass app.

Need to cancel a trip? Let us know before the vehicle arrives, either via the app or by phone.

How It Works

Let's explore a few scenarios to see how these new mobility options benefit you.

To or From a DART Station or Transit Center
John needs to get from his office to Farmers Branch Station. He begins planning a trip in the GoPass app and sees that a GoLink vehicle can drop him off at the station within 25 minutes, and that the fare would be covered by his existing DART pass.

GoPass also provides the option of taking UberPool, which could drop him off at the station within 13 minutes but would cost an additional $1*. Wanting to get there as fast as possible, John pays the extra cost and completes his purchase in the Uber app.

Point-to-Point Within the Zone
Liz wants to meet a friend for lunch but needs a ride from her apartment. In the GoPass app, she sees that a GoLink vehicle can get her there in about 20 minutes. Since Liz already has a DART pass, this trip would cost nothing.

She also sees an option to take UberPool, which would drop her there in 15 minutes. However, since she is not traveling to a transit facility, this trip would cost an additional $3. Liz decides to save the money and continues booking her GoLink trip in the GoPass app.

* The $1 fee is waived during the introductory period.
After that, riders will be charged for these trips.

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