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DART – Let's Go.

Rail Safety Tips

When you're walking...

  • Always stop, look, and listen for trains before crossing the tracks - cross only at crosswalks and be sure to look both ways.
  • Don't stand on the tracks or step in front of a train - the operator may not see you or be able to stop in time.
  • As a train approaches, be sure you are behind the textured warning strips - and never, ever try to catch a moving train.
  • Always stand behind the textured warning strips on rail platforms.

When you're waiting for a train...

  • Remember: Trains stop at every station - there is no need to wave at the operator so they will stop.
  • As a train approaches, be sure you are behind the textured warning strips - and never, ever try to catch a moving train. Another will be along in a few minutes.

When you're in a car...

  • Never race a train to a crossing - you will never have a second chance if you lose.
  • Be careful turning across train tracks - it's where more accidents happen.
  • Always obey all traffic signs and signals; never assume you have the right-of-way - and look both ways before crossing.
  • Expect a train on any track at any time - if a train goes by, watch out for a second one - and be sure to look in both directions.
  • Never stop your car on train tracks - if you stall or get stuck, get everyone out of the vehicle and off the tracks.
  • Don't anticipate lights or creep out at rail intersections - and never, ever drive around the crossing gates.
  • Remember: Trains can't stop as quickly as you can.
  • Remember: Many vehicles are required to stop at all rail crossings.
  • If you're on a motorcycle or bike, be sure to cross tracks at a 90 degree angle - and follow all the above safety rules as well.

If you're a kid...

  • Don't ever walk, play, skate or ride your bike on or around light rail tracks.
  • Never walk in a construction area.
  • Make sure that everyone in your family knows all these safety rules.
  • Be safe and help others to be safe around DART light rail.

If you have children...

  • Talk to them about light rail - teach them the importance of crossing the tracks safely - "Stop, look and listen" is an important message for them to understand.
  • Teach them about electricity and that playing near light rail overhead wires, especially flying a kite, is very dangerous.
  • Hold children's hands when crossing the street.
  • Take a field trip, go exploring, schedule a time to show your children light rail tracks and the areas where it is safe to be and those where it is not safe.

When you're near overhead power lines...

  • Always keep things like kites and ladders away from the overhead lines - and never, ever touch a power line that is down.

"See Tracks? Think Train!" :30 Commercial from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

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