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Legal Notices

The Public Information Act
Table of Contents

Note: please view the Contact DART page for phone numbers and online customer service forms regarding DART routes, schedules and trip planning assistance, or to make suggestions, provide comments or make other inquiries regarding DART services.
To request information from DART
Rights of Requestors
Procedures to Obtain Information
Information to be released
To file a complaint
Special accommodations

To request information from DART:
You may send your written request
By mail to:
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Public Information Request
Attn: Tangerla Williams, DART Public Information Officer
P. O. Box 660163
Dallas, Texas 75266-7255

By fax to:
Public Information Request

By email to:
[email protected]

In person at:
DART Legal
1401 Pacific Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75202


For questions or instructions:

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Rights of Requestors
You have the right to:
  • Prompt access to information that is not confidential or otherwise protected;
  • Receive treatment equal to all other requestors, including accommodation in accordance with ADA requirements;
  • Receive certain kinds of information without exceptions, like the voting records of public officials or information related to the receipt, expenditure or estimated need for public funds, and other items;
  • Receive a statement of estimated charges, when charges exceed $40, in advance of work being started and opportunity to renegotiate the request if charges are too high;
  • Choose whether to inspect the requested information (most often at no charge), receive copies of the information or both;
  • A waiver or reduction of charges if the governmental body determines that access to the information primarily benefits the general public;
  • Notice when the governmental body asks the Office of the Attorney General for a ruling on whether the information can be withheld under one of the accepted exceptions;
  • Lodge a complaint about charges for public records with the General Services Commission and a complaint related to other possible violations with the county attorney, criminal district attorney or Office of the Attorney General.
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Procedures to Obtain Information
  • Submit a written request (mail, fax, email or in person) according to governmental body's reasonable procedures.
  • Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the governmental body to accurately identify and locate the items requested.
  • Cooperate with the governmental body's reasonable efforts to clarify the type or amount of information requested.
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Information to be released
  • You may review it promptly, and if it cannot be produced within 10 working days the public information officer will notify you in writing of the reasonable date and time when it will be available.
  • Keep appointments to inspect records or pick up copies or risk losing the opportunity to see the information.
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To file a complaint:
For complaints regarding failure to release public information you may contact the Office of the Attorney General, Open Records Hotline, at 512-478-6736, toll-free at 1-877-673-6839 or online at (opens in a new window). For complaints regarding overcharges, please contact the General Services Commission at 512-475-2497.

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Special accommodations:
If you need special accommodations, please call 214-749-2806.

Last revised: 12/22/2017

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