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DART News Release

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Morgan Lyons
Mark A. Ball

September 8, 2011

What's your stop number?

New signs make connections easier for customers "On the Go"

The latest bus information is just a text message away with DART 41411.

The unique stop ID created for each bus and rail stop is the key. By knowing the stop ID customers can find out when the next buses or trains are scheduled to arrive at their stop. It's as simple as texting DART [STOP ID] to 41411. For example, if the stop ID is 28076, text DART 28076 to 41411. Be sure to include a space in between the word "DART" and the stop ID number.

DART Bus Stop Sign
High resolution JPG
DART is posting the unique stop ID number that's created for each bus and rail stop on the front of the bus stop sign. More than 1,000 bus stops already have the new signs in place, but with more than 12,000 stops across the Service Area it is expected to take several months to put up all the new signs.

But customers don't have to wait for the stop ID signs to start texting DART 41411 for schedule information. A new "Stop ID Finder" is prominently displayed with a link on the DART Trip Planner on the top right section of DART's updated home page, Simply enter an address and a Google map displays the nearest DART stops with ID number. Customers using the DART Trip Planner or the new desktop version of "Where's My Bus?"® can plug in this number instead of an address.

The DART text message service is free, but customers are responsible for whatever charges they have based on their calling plan. For the time being customers will receive the scheduled arrival of the bus. In the coming months DART will be able to provide real time arrival information.

The stop ID number can also help customers who call the Information Center at 214-979-1111 and use the new automated information line. Customers with questions about schedules may still contact DART's Customer Information Center and speak to a representative. DART route and schedule information is always available at or on smartphones and tablets at

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