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Subject: Always Be Alert: A message from DART Police
Effective Date: 11/11/2022

Always Be Alert: A message from DART Police

Although DART Police and all public safety agencies strive to provide all citizens a safe and secure environment, there are actions you can take any time you are in a public location to protect yourself from criminal activity.

First and foremost - be aware of your surroundings and those around you. It is easy to tune everything out while on your phone or listening to music. This is a prime opportunity for criminals to take advantage of the situation. Victims and witnesses are not able to assist in identifications because they did not know their surroundings.

Keep valuable items out of sight. Most crimes are based on opportunity. By having valuable items out of sight, including cell phones and MP3 devices, you don't make it easy for the criminal to quickly grab whatever they see and run off with it.

Keep your personal items under your control at all times. Items such as purses, packages, and brief cases set down even for "just a second", are an easy target for a snatch-and-run. This will also ensure you don't forget your items. Items left behind could be considered suspicious and are subject to destruction.

Successful crime prevention programs all have one thing in common - active citizen participation. We need you to make it difficult for criminals to commit the easy crimes of opportunity.

Please report any suspicious or criminal activity to DART Police at 214-928-6300 - if we don't know about 'em, we can't catch 'em!

View a DART Police Crime Prevention Video (opens in a new window).

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