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Using Bike Racks

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DART buses have bike racks on the front of the bus*. Any DART rider may use these racks; however, DART is not responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles. When loading or unloading a bicycle, just follow these instructions!


1. Remove any loose items that may fall off your bike while the bus is in motion.

Once the bus comes to a stop, step to the front of the bus to load your bike. Make sure that the bus operator sees you.

2. To lower the bike rack from the stowed position, squeeze the handle with one hand and fold down the rack.

If the rack is empty, be sure to place your bike on the inside rack closest to the bus operator.

3. Lift your bike and load it properly onto the rack, carefully positioning the tires into the appropriate slots.

4. Raise the support arm up and over the front tire until it hugs the tire. You're good to go! Hop aboard.

1. As the bus approaches your stop, notify the bus operator that you will be unloading a bike.

Lower the support arm to release the front wheel.

2. You may now lift your bike out of the rack.

3. If there are no bikes on the rack and no one else is waiting to load, secure the bike rack before departing.

4. Simply lift the rack until it locks into place in the upright position.

Move away from the bus and signal to the operator that it's safe to leave.
* Some vehicles may not be equipped with bike racks, including Paratransit and FLEX vehicles.

Tips for a Smooth Ride

  1. Please load and unload your bike quickly so as not to delay the operator or other passengers.

  2. You are responsible for loading and unloading your bike.

  3. Remove any bike attachment that may interfere with the safe operation of the bus - bikes that do not fit properly cannot be transported.

  4. Please inform the bus operator of your stop.

  5. Bus riders boarding with bicycles must use the bike racks - if the bike rack is full, riders can then carry their bikes onboard provided the bicycle is clean and there is room on the bus. Cyclists must move to the rear of the bus.

  6. DART reserves the right to revoke the bike rack privileges of those who abuse them - a warning will be issued prior to denial of service.

  7. Only use designated racks or lockers to secure your bike - do not use bus stop poles, trees, fences, etc.
Whether you're on a bus or a train, please consider the safety of others and stay with your bicycle at all times. DART staff, including vehicle operators, DART Police, Fare Enforcement Officers and field supervisors, may relocate or remove any bicycle that obstructs or negatively impacts DART operations or passengers.

Ride Right!

DART values the safety and comfort of all passengers. Please exercise care when bringing bikes on board DART vehicles. A little courtesy and alertness on the part of the cyclist goes a long way toward ensuring a smoother ride for everyone. Thank you!

For questions related to our Bike & Ride program call 214-747-RIDE (7433)

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