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Respect Your Ride

Respect Your Ride By Being Courteous To Others
Tip 1Keep the volume low on music, conversation and cell phones. Respect the people around you and remember that you're not the only one riding.

Tip 2Fare is fair. There are no free rides. Without proof of payment, you could be heavily fined. Everyone needs to pay to ride.

Tip 3Take a stand for the elderly and those who are mobility-impaired. They need a seat more than you do.

Tip 4People off before people on. That means you should allow passengers to exit the train or bus before you try to board.

Tip 5Keep the vehicle's doorways clear for the safety of everyone. Do not sit or stand on the stairwell and never hold the door. Doing so delays travel for everyone.

Tip 6Swearing or using offensive language is, well, offensive.

Tip 7Drinks and snacks make messy travel partners. Leave them behind when you board and keep it clean.

Tip 8Make room for other riders. Keep your personal items in your area and remember that one person equals one seat.

Tip 9You're responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Please pick up any newspapers or trash when you leave the vehicle and dispose of it properly.

Tip 10Be cool on DART vehicles. Pushing, shoving or bullying isn't.

Tip 11Don't drink and ride. Public consumption of alcohol is against the law. Just because you're not driving, doesn't mean it's okay to be drinking.

Tip 12Vandalizing a bus or train isn't just wrong; it's a crime. It's not your vehicle - what makes you think you should redecorate it?

Tip 13Don't solicit or panhandle on the train or bus.

Ride Right!

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