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DART Rides

DART Rides

DART Rides is a transportation program for residents of Plano, Carrollton and Rowlett that are age 65 or over OR have a certified disability. Enrollment is required.
Medical certificate or state or federal disability identifications required for proof of disability.

Qualified disabilities for DART Rides are as follows:
  1. Certified legally blind
  2. Certified deaf or profound hard of hearing
  3. Certified to be Non-ambulatory without assistance or mechanical aid
  4. Certified to qualify for at least 50% disability allowance through VA (Service Connected Only)
  5. Certified for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  6. Certified intellectual disability/intellectually disabled
  7. Certified as having a seizure disorder

Eligibility: The Subsidy Program serves registered residents of Plano, Carrollton and Rowlett only who are senior citizens age 65+ and/or persons with disabilities. Persons interested in applying for the service may go online to register and upload documents to prove eligibility, print an application and mail in documentation, or call DART's Certification office at 214-828-6717. DART will work with you to see if you qualify.

Qualifications: To be eligible for the program:
  1. Age 65 or older OR have a certified disability, but not eligible for DART Paratransit Services.
  2. Permanent resident of the City of Plano, Carrollton or Rowlett. You must present proof of residency, such as a government ID, a recent utility bill or other documentation verifying residency.
  3. No other means of transportation available to you. For example:
    • DART Paratransit Services
Service Area: You may travel anywhere as long as your trip origin or destination is in your resident city. Remember that long trips may be costly and will reduce the number of trips you can make in a month. The maximum taxi value that can be stored on your card is $100 in any month. Riders must pay the cost for any trip where the total cost exceeds the value stored on the taxi debit card.

Scheduling Trips: The demand responsive service phone reservation line: 972-728-6760. To schedule a ride, call an hour ahead of time that you wish to be picked up, but be advised that the vehicle usually arrives within 20-30 minutes of your call. Service operates on a daily schedule that is comparable to our fixed-route bus/rail service (approximately 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

Program Code: When calling to schedule a ride, please give the program code CIT7274 to the call taker to confirm that you are part of the Subsidy Program.

Vehicles: A variety of vehicles will operate the program. Not all vehicles are wheelchair accessible, accessible service must be requested at the time of requesting a trip.

Assistance: You must be able to get yourself and any equipment you require into and out of the vehicle without any assistance. The drivers are not allowed to exit the vehicle to provide assistance.

Fares: Fares are to be paid using the program debit card. Debit cards may not be used for tipping. If the total fare is more than what is available on the taxi debit card, it is the riders' responsibility to pay the difference. $2.25 is the boarding fare plus $1.80 per mile. Trip charges will also include a traffic delay time/waiting time charge and any toll charges that may be required. Drivers will accept cash or credit card.

Program Debit Card: Once approved for the program, you will be issued a reloadable debit card. Subsidy may be purchased in $5 increments up to $25 per calendar month. Up to $100 of taxi debit value per month, can be purchased at a cost of $25 to the rider. The rider is required to provide 25% of the card balance. The table below demonstrates how rider payments translate into the actual value on the card.

Rider Payment Subsidy Received Program Debit Card Value
$5 $15 $20
$10 $30 $40
$15 $45 $60
$20 $60 $80
$25 $75 $100

The value stored on the debit card may not exceed $100 at any time, and it may only be used for Subsidy Program rides. Value can be loaded onto debit cards two ways:

  1. Mail a check or money order to the following address:
    DART Rides - [Fill In Your Participating City]
    P.O Box 840736
    Dallas, TX 75284-0736
  2. Online at and load money with a credit/debit card.
Payments may be made in increments of $5 throughout the month, but cannot exceed $25 in any one month. Once value is loaded onto the debit card, the money cannont be refunded.

Once received, cards can be registered at By registering, riders will be able to check card balance at any time and recover the value in the event a card is lost or stolen. You may also check your balance at any time by calling 1-877-900-7604.

Personal Fund Feature: There is a personal fund feature available on the debit card. This allows you to load personal monies onto your debit card that do not include a subsidy match. This may be a need if you are exceeding the maximum balance of $100 in a month for rides. Simply select "personal" when adding funds from the website or, notate "personal funds" on your mailed check. Only $200 may be added of personal funds monies, and this amount will be utilized towards rides after utilizing all subsidized funds. Any remaining personal funds amount on the card will roll over to the next month for use and may not exceed $200 at any time.

Card Balance Questions and Lost or Stolen Cards: Report lost, stolen or damaged debit cards to 214-749-3400. There is no fee for the first lost, stolen or damaged card, but a $5 fee will be assessed for any additional replacement cards.

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