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Carrying handguns on DART

DART works daily to maintain a safe system. We also know that many customers may want to exercise their right to carry a handgun while on our buses and trains. Consistent with state law, DART allows the concealed or open carry of handguns by those with a License to Carry (LTC) on its vehicles. The law allows handgun license holders to openly carry their handgun in a shoulder or belt holster.

Holders of a valid handgun license may carry, open or concealed handguns, on DART's buses and trains, including the Trinity Railway Express, and in public areas under DART management. This change takes effect with the implementation of the new law on January 1, 2016.

Carrying on a DART vehicle

Customers can still carry a handgun when riding DART. However, if someone is carrying openly, bus or rail operators may stop the vehicle and call for DART Police. The law allows a police officer to request the license holder's driver's license or government-issued identification along with the holder's handgun license.

Customers carrying concealed handguns should experience no changes unless the handgun becomes visible. If that happens the police may be called to investigate.

Where you can't carry

The law prohibits the possession of handguns in meetings of any governmental entity. This rule has not changed from the previous CHL restrictions, so handguns are still not allowed during meetings of the DART Board of Directors. DART will post state-mandated signs to identify places where handguns may not be carried.
Additional information about the changes to the handgun carry laws in Texas is available online.