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DART – Let's Go.

Rules of the Road

Before You Board

  1. Arrive at the bus stop three to five minutes before your scheduled departure time and confirm that the route number for your bus is posted on the bus stop sign.

  2. Stand in a location where you will be visible to the bus operator (within 15 feet of the bus stop sign or shelter). When possible, signal the operator that you wish to board.

  3. Verify the route number and final destination located on the front of the bus.

  4. Have exact cash or a DART pass available when you board. If you're eligible for a reduced fare, be prepared to show your ID.

  5. Swipe your pass through the card reader or feed exact cash fare into the farebox. Operators cannot make change.

    When using GoPass, be sure to activate your ticket before boarding the bus. Show the activated ticket on your smartphone to the bus operator. When using a GoPass Tap card, "tap" your card to the card readers located on buses every time you board or transfer.

On the Bus

  1. You must wear proper attire. No shoes, no shirt — no service. Consuming food or beverages on board is also prohibited.

  2. Keep your personal items in your area and do not block aisles. Please fold up strollers or stow them out of the way.

    Every day passengers board DART buses and trains with strollers. Many of these passengers desire to use the priority seating and securement area to access transit. See these Stroller Smart guidelines when sharing limited space on public transit.

  3. Please use only one seat and reserve the seats in the front for elderly and mobility-impaired passengers. The operator may ask you to move if you are sitting in a reserved area.

  4. When you're ready to exit the bus, press the stop request indicator strip one block before your desired stop. It's located along the window and above the handrail.

  5. For safety reasons, children must exit the bus through the front door. You may be asked to exit through the front door when children are exiting.

Things You Should Know

  1. Buses only pick up and drop off passengers at designated stops. For safety reasons, buses cannot stop to pick up passengers after pulling away from the boarding area.

  2. Variations in traffic and passenger loading may delay scheduled bus departure times.

  3. Buses marked "NOT IN SERVICE", "OUT OF SERVICE" or "GARAGE" cannot stop to board passengers.

  4. Bus operators can delay their departures only when connecting vehicles are within sight.

  5. If your trip involves a transfer, please allow at least five minutes between scheduled vehicle arrival and departure times.

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