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Arapaho Center Station

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Greenville Avenue near Arapaho Road in Richardson
(1051 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson 75081)

Image of Arapaho Center StationThe Arapaho Center Station is served by the DART Rail Red and Orange lines. Arapaho Center Station, using landscaping and the play of multi-colored lighting at night to emphasize the entrance, provides access to the Richardson Civic Center and other destinations through transfers to bus service (bus stops accessible by a pedestrian walkway under Greenville Avenue).


DART Rail Red and Orange Lines, Bus Routes 238, 240, 243,
GoLink Central Richardson (M-S)

M-S (Monday through Saturday)

Bus Bay Assignments:

Bay 1 — Rail Disruption Shuttle Stop
Bay 2 — 238 Downtown Garland Station
Bay 3 — 238 Addison Transit Center
Bays 4-5 — For Future Use
Bay 6 — GEICO
Bays 7-9 — For Future Use
Bay 10 — 240
Bay 11 — Paratransit
Bay 12 — 243

Customer Features:

  • Passenger Shelters
  • Windscreens
  • Seating
  • Restrooms
  • Customer Information
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Telephones
  • Bus "Kiss & Ride" Passenger Drop-Off/Pickup Area
  • Free Parking (1,121 Spaces, overnight or long-term parking is at the discretion of the customer. DART assumes no responsibility for vehicles left overnight.)
  • Bike Rack
  • Public Art

Popular Attractions and Destinations:

Please note: You may need to connect to a DART bus to complete your journey to a destination. Please contact DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111 for trip planning assistance.

Station Art:

View the DART Gallery - A Collection of Public Art
A Collection of Public Art

Use this guide to plan your tour of Arapaho Center Station.
Arapaho Center Station uses landscaping and the play of multi-colored uplighting at night to emphasize the station entrance. Station design team artist Benito Huerta has created a walkway of colored paving stones with icons representing Image of Arapaho Center Stationthe history of Richardson. Hans Van de Bovenkamp's sculpture, called "Gateway," is a three-dimensional ring made from aluminum and painted red to symbolize a bright window. The station's canopy has a copper finish like the nearby transit center (formerly known as Richardson Transit Center), to which it is linked by a pedestrian underpass.

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